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What's in a home's crawl space? Have you ever looked in there? This is one area of our properties we never really think about and certainly don't visit. At least, go there on a whim or to retrieve a stored item. Unlike an under the stairs closet space, you probably don't put things away in your home's crawl space. But there are occasions when you'll have to deal with a crawl space. Even if it's not you personally, someone will have to go in there. But what's in there and why does it matter?

What's in a Home's Crawl Space

Well, a home's crawl space isn't necessarily desolate. Sure, there are pests and debris, but also, there are important systems and components. For instance, if you plan a total kitchen gut, it might involve having to deal with the crawl space. The thing about a crawl space is it's out-of-sight and therefore, out-of-mind. That is, until a problem arises, then it's time to squeeze into the home's crawl space to address what needs repair or replacement.

Asbestos pipe or HVAC duct insulation that has been disturbed, damaged, or deteriorated, including asbestos that has fallen to the floor should be removed and cleaned up by a professional. Asbestos pipe insulation that is in good condition, that is not damaged, might be left in place or perhaps left in place and encapsulated.

The reason houses have crawl spaces is these provide necessary room for many of our modern-day conveniences. Most homeowners use everyday items without thinking about how convenient these are in their day-to-day lives. Most of these conveniences actually depend on a home's crawl space. So, let's take a quick look of what's inside a home's crawl space typically without going into exhaustive detail:

  • Ductwork. Homes equipped with central heat and air conditioning systems usually have ductwork running throughout the crawl space. Alternatively, ductwork is placed in the attic. If ductwork is in the crawl space, it's necessary to keep the area secure from pests who will chew through ductwork.
  • Plumbing pipes. Most plumbing pipes are installed in a home's crawl space because it makes for easier access than walls. While a crawl space is tight, it does provide ease of access when there's a problem. However, this exposes plumbing to the outside elements, which can wreak havoc on such systems.
  • Electrical wiring. In addition to ductwork and plumbing, electrical wiring also runs under a home in its crawl space. And like the ductwork and plumbing, electrical wiring is subjected to the weather elements, as well as creepy crawlies, such as rodents and other pests.
  • Vents and insulation. The various vents around the outside of a crawl space are there to allow airflow to pass through but keep out pests and debris. Of course, vents are not completely effective, but do suffice. In addition, insulation is typically installed in a crawl space to keep the cold and warm air outside and the conditioned environment pleasant.
  • Structural supports. A home's super important structural supports are also installed in the crawl space, serving to keep the home in livable condition. Although settling usually occurs over time, the structural supports are built to last.

If you need help with crawl space clean out, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. Our crew is equipped with the right tools and has the experience to do crawl space clean out right.

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