old entertainment centerSo, what can you do with an old entertainment center? Once the center of your entertainment life, it's now dated, no longer useful in the new world of flat screens and streaming services technology. It's plagued with visible tangled cords and wires and worst of all, it is big, bulky, and ugly. Well, if you are imaginative enough to come up with ways to deal with an old futon, this isn't very different. Use that same creativity to do something with that old entertainment center.

What to Do with an Old Entertainment Center

Maybe you're just tired of it taking up so much space, are ready to remodel an entire room, or are preparing for an estate sale, regardless of the reason that old entertainment center must go and go as soon as possible. Of course, the problem you'll face is obvious: it's not an item that is in high demand. Increasingly, these behemoth functional furniture pieces are simply unnecessary. Not that long ago, entertainment centers were an ideal way to organize electronics.

Thank goodness for flat-screen TVs and walk-in closets. They’re not only fantastic technology- and space-wise, they also clear up much-needed real estate in a room. So, you might ask, what do we do with that outdated, clunky entertainment center or armoire? Answer: repurpose it into newly functional and fabulous storage or turn it into a nook. You’ll also be giving it new life and providing yourself with a delightfully green alternative to spending money on something new. --Home Jelly

Now, technology makes these big furniture pieces obsolete. One option is to junk it, along with anything else you'd like to rid your household of for good. You can schedule an entire clean out so you don't have to deal with any of it on your own. Because it's so large, it probably isn't acceptable for the local trash collection pick up service, which makes putting on the curb an unfeasible option. Here are some suggestions about what to do with an old entertainment center:

  • Repurpose it. Re-imagine it and transform it into a craft station, a workstation, a sewing station, or something else. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest you can draw inspiration from. When you get creative and put a little elbow grease into it, that old entertainment center gains a new life.
  • Sell it online. If you just want to be rid of it once and for all, then sell it. Place a local ad online with the stipulation the buyer must move it. Price it low to sell quicker and get it out of your house in less time. Who knows? Perhaps someone else is looking for an old entertainment center to repurpose on the cheap.
  • Consign it. For an entertainment center that's in good, useable condition, and isn't outdated, you might consider placing it in a retail consignment shop. Call around to a few local consignment stores to learn if this is an option for you.
  • Donate it. There is usually a local school, church, shelter, or other charity, such as a thrift store, that will accept an old entertainment center as a donation. You gain a small tax write off while the charity gets something to use in their facility or to sell.
  • Piece it out. You could also opt to piece it out, making it into different things, like small shelves. Most of these are easy to disassemble and by using your imagination, you could make it into a neat closet organizer or something else that's useful.

If you have an old entertainment center to dispose of, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We will pickup and haul away junk of all kinds. Best of all, we come to you! We are happy to help you get organized and declutter your house.

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