make small room look largerThere are a few ways to make a small room look larger and most of them are simple to do. By just using a few visual tricks, you can make a small room appear bigger but it usually comes with a bit of compromise to pull off. That's because we often arrange rooms around a specific purpose and not totally for aesthetics and free traffic flow. But, if you do want a small room to look like it's bigger, with some changes, you'll have what you're seeking.

Ways to Make a Small Room Look Larger

The good news is these tips and tricks aren't so much about home improvement projects. So, you can either opt to remove that popcorn ceiling texture or just leave it and ignore it. Although, you can venture into a little home improvement to get even better results. But, the vast majority of ways to make a little room appear bigger are about what is and what isn't inside the space. If you think about it, that makes a lot of sense.

The good news is that the key to successful small-space living might be easier than you think. It all boils down to tricking the eye into perceiving more space by employing three simple concepts: scale, light, and movement.

If you look at just about any room in your home, there's a really good chance you have a lot more stuff that you need or even want. We're just accustomed to accumulating things we don't even notice. But, eventually, we do -- like when it's time to move, remodel, or replace something. Then, it becomes all too apparent there's just too much clutter. So, here are some helpful ways to make a small room look larger:

  • Start by decluttering, removing unnecessary items. Okay, so we've already begun to touch on this and now it's time to make it an actionable task. Go around the room and identify unnecessary things. Be honest and you'll get some fabulous results.
  • Paint the room with neutral colors and shades. Next, consider repainting the room to give it a little more of an open feel. For instance, block and bold colors tend to make a room appear smaller visually. Neutral colors, shades, and tones on the walls and trim do the opposite, making a little room look bigger.
  • Arrange furniture to really maximize traffic flow. Now, for the hardest part of all. We've previously mentioned arranging a room for a specific purpose above. Well, that's precisely what makes a room look small. So, instead of arranging furniture for the best view of the TV, arrange it to maximize traffic flow.
  • Pare down the total amount of interior room decor. Along with any clutter, go more minimalist to make that little room appear larger. By just removing some or most of the decor around the living space, it will look significantly bigger.

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