old projection TVThat old projection television. Once a great entertainment amenity, now it’s just plain ugly and unwanted. Trouble is, it’s heavy, awkward, out-of-style, and all these qualities mean it’s going to present greatly difficulty to unload. What you may (or may not) know, is this type of technology isn’t welcome just anywhere. And, that makes it a real chore to get rid of once and for all. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get rid of an old projection TV.

Ways to Get Rid of an Old Projection TV

Whether you're trying to minimize moving stress or just getting on with out with the old and in with the new, you'll quickly learn putting it on the curb won't make it magically disappear. That's because the vast majority of local trash collection agencies are prohibited from taking hazardous materials. And, that old projection television set is full of components categorized as hazardous materials.

A projection TV is a television set that uses a video projector to display its picture. With the projector, the TV is able to cast a much larger image than most standard models, making the TV set into a small-scale cinema screen, which many owners use in their home theaters. A projection TV can be either rear projection, making it function like a standard TV set, or front projection, which works like a movie projector. --Our Everyday Life.com

Much like getting rid of old baby furniture (which can easily appear on a present or past recall list), your options are limited. This isn't to say you are stuck and forced into covertly throwing into a commercial retail dumpster. (After all, that's illegal and not worth the risk.) But, it does mean you can't simply wrangle it to the street curb. Moreover, selling it is typically a dead-end because old projection TVs aren't exactly in high consumer demand. So, here are some helpful ways to get rid of an old projection TV you can try out:

  • Donate it. Believe it or not, there are some charities and other organizations who willing welcome such a donation. Since these entities are typically short on cash, most donations are accepted. While you can't donate it for the charity to sell, it could be put to use in a shelter or school needing an entertainment amenity.
  • Part it out. Another option is to sell the parts or sell it to a repair store. Look up a few used appliance and furniture stores and make some phone calls to learn if it's something that can be taken off your hands. You might get very little money or nothing at all but at least it's gone for good.
  • Convert it. If you're handy with tools, you might consider repurposing it for another use. Remove the internal electronics and convert it into a television stand or into bookcase. Whatever you can imagine, it can be made reality, with just a bit of creativity.
  • Make repairs. You can also give it new life for continued use. With some knowhow, you can repair it (if it doesn't work properly) and put it into a guest room. It might also be worthwhile to use various parts elsewhere.

Another option is to junk it by phoning 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We’ll haul it away, along with anything else you’d like to unload for good.

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