water heater take-outWater heater take-out and replacement isn’t the simplest task to take on for practically any property owner. Even those who are handy will find water heater take-out a challenge.

Water Heater Disposal in Aberdeen

If you’re unsure whether or not your water heater is failing it helps to look for a few telltale signs. Of course, the most obvious is that it runs (you can hear it cycle on and off) but it doesn’t actually heat the water in the tank. That could point to failing or bad heating elements. Another sign a water heater is dying is that it leaks (duh). The tank’s integrity might be compromised.

Hot water tanks are anchored by straps or strips of perforated metal called plumber’s tape. These anchors, usually secured to wall studs behind the water tank, keep the tank secure in case of an earthquake. The straps must be disengaged and the gas line and water line shut off before the tank can be removed. The job is fairly simple and is easily accomplished with the proper tools. --San Francisco Gate

Strange noises — which are caused by hardening sediment — that too is a bad sign. Or, if water does heat but no longer to the desired temperature, that also means trouble. Now, if you spot any of these problems, it’s time for a replacement.

Which means, you’ve got to get rid of the old unit. That’s no easy task considering the local trash collection agency won’t take it away. So, do yourself a favor and have a local junk hauling service come and pick it up. This way, it’s taken care of for you, with no problem at all.

Water Heater Take-Out Guide for Aberdeen Property Owners

You might well be caught totally by surprise. Stepping into the shower only to learn there’s no hot water. Or, it could come slowly over time. Where intermittent signs bode badly for the future. In this case, you'll need to take it out and here's a simple guide to follow to do so:

  • Turn off and disconnect the power. Turn off the breaker supplying power to the unit or turn off the gas supply. If it’s electric, you’ll then need to disconnect the power lines. But, if it’s gas, you should wait a little while and then disconnect the lines. Then shut off the water at the main shut off valve and disconnect the water supply lines.
  • Hook up a hose to drain out the tank. You can actually use a regular garden hose to drain the tank. Just hook it to the drain valve and open the spigot.
  • Take the unit off its base and install a replacement. Now, with the tank empty, you can take the unit out of its place. You’ll need at least one person to help you fanagile it out so you can fit the replacement in the same space.

If you need water heater removal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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