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water heater replacementWater heater replacement. Ugh. It’s one of the most tedious and difficult jobs because it involves a considerable amount of time and effort. You’ve also got to really be careful for the sake of safety and to instal a replacement unit. Otherwise, you’ll create even more work for yourself, not to mention drive up the cost of the replacement. Of course, it’s always best to leave this type of work to the pros, such as a junk hauling service. So, read on to learn more about water heater replacement.

Major Household Appliance Disposal

When it is time for the water heater to go and to bring in a replacement, you want to make the transition quickly and with as little hassle as possible. But, if you plan to swap it out yourself, then you’ll need a plan to offload the old unit. Of course, you can’t put it out on the street or on the curb because the local trash collection agency won’t pick it up. And, it could get you hit with a code violation.

The average lifespan of a water heater is between 8 and 12 years. When it comes time to replace yours, chances are, you’ll pick the same type of unit — either gas or electric. The key is picking the most efficient water heater large enough to handle your needs. An average family of four with two showers will use a 65 gallon unit, but the experts at your local home center can help you come up with the best size. —DIY Network

That risk, not to mention the fact that it’s at the very least a huge eyesore. After all, it’s not going to magically transform itself into a new appliance. So, you’ll need to deal with it in an effective and realistic manner.

Water Heater Replacement in Glen Burnie

So, after you’ve checked the unit out for possible culprits, it’s become clear it’s time to remove it. Here’s how to remove a water heater and what to do with it once you have a replacement:

  • Disconnect the power. Go to the main electrical panel and shut off the breaker to the water heater, if it’s electric. Then, you can disconnect the electrical wiring. If it’s gas, shut off the supply valve and give it several minutes before you disconnect the gas line. In addition, shut off the water supply and delivery lines.
  • Turn off the water supply line. Next, turn off the water supply line going into the water heater so no more water flows into the tank. Once the power is secured and the water supply shut off, go into the house and turn on all the hot water faucets. This will help drain out most of the hot water in the tank.
  • Drain the tank. Use a garden hose and attach it to the drain spigot. Open the spigot and let the water drain out of the tank. (This will likely take some time.)
  • Disconnect all the lines and remove the unit. Lastly, you’ll have to disconnect all lines to the appliance and then take it out of the space.

If you need water heater removal in Glen Burnie or elsewhere in Maryland, just phone 888-537-7445 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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