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home downsizing tipsHome downsizing tips can really prove a great deal of help. This is true, especially if you’ve never gone from a larger house to a smaller one. That’s because it’s more involved than most people believe. Sure, they know they’ll have less living space, but that usually means less storage space. And, less space for all their furniture and more. What’s more, when moving from a big space to a small one, there are even more considerations which must be taken into account.

The Home Downsizing Process

It’s typically best to sell your existing home and rent until you find something you like. The real challenge here is twofold. One, you’ll have to move twice. And two, it’s very tempting to buy the same size property. Justifications and rationalizations will become real. You’ll begin to think of all the reasons you still need a big house. But, if that were actually true, you wouldn’t commit to selling your current home.

Downsizing a home can lead to lots of stress and anxiety for anyone who loves their belongings but hates living in clutter. Seniors, empty nesters or people moving from a suburban home to a city apartment all face the challenge of creating a new living space with limited room for furniture, accessories, clothes and collectibles. But if you come up with a plan before you downsize, you can create a comfortable and stylish environment made for daily living. —

Even if you’re not bothered by that scenario, don’t make the mistake of buying a smaller property without selling your own home first. If you do, you run a highly-probable risk of paying two mortgages. Or, at the very least, having to maintain two houses at one time and paying the carry costs (property taxes, insurance, maintenance).

Washington Grove Home Downsizing Tips You can Use

Home downsizing entails a whole lot of planning. Execution is also a big part of the process. So, here are some helpful home downsizing tips you can use to make it a smoother transition:

  • Start planning immediately. You need to work out the logistics of your move, from finding another place to stay temporarily to transporting your possessions from one location to another. This requires ample planning to reduce stress.
  • Purge heavily with conviction. If you are truly committed to downsizing, you’ll be sacrificing space in more ways than one. So, decide what can go right away. The longer you hold onto it, the easier it will be to try to keep it.
  • Use the floorplan to your own benefit. If you already know where you’ll land, then you can use the floorplan to compare any similar space sizes. This means planning what furniture you put where for function and traffic flow.

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