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mudroom accessoriesIf you’ve already added a mudroom to a laundry room, it’s time to step up its function and style with some great mudroom accessories. Now that the holidays are over, and the guests are gone, you’ll have the time to work around the house a little bit. That means you can transform your drab and dull mudroom into an eye-catching space. It’s all about organization and with the right accessories, your mudroom will serve your household well.

Useful Mudroom Accessories

Okay, so you’ll tackle this task the same way you would organizing a guest room for the holidays — putting use as the focal point. Function comes first, style second but it doesn’t have to compromise the aesthetics. It can still look lovely but should serve its purpose well. After all, there’s still plenty of winter left and it will be used time and again as the days leave the calendar, one by one.

Unlike a front entry, seen by all and used by guests, the mudroom is usually a home’s secondary entrance. It’s one of those rooms that many older homes don’t have, and many of us pine for. It’s a hard working space — even the tiniest of mudrooms is helpful for keeping the house clean and organized and the family efficient. —Apartment Therapy

A mudroom is all about function. Plenty of hooks, shelves, storage, and neat organization make it work as it should. You need to make entry and exit easy, with little in the way. Additionally, you’ll need to create a space that serves its purpose to the fullest. If it doesn’t meet everyday needs, it’s not going to work for your household, it’s really that simple. Here are some of the best, most useful, mudroom accessories to have on-hand:

  • A bench. A small bench, capable of seating at least two people is an absolute must-have item. Place a few pillows on top for comfort and ones that are machine washable so they can be cleaned easily. Throw pillows or a bench pillow will work well.
  • Storage containers. There are a few items you’ll need to store that you will use only occasionally. For these regularly unused items, place these in closed storage containers you can tuck away to be stored out of sight. If available, put them up on a shelf, out of the way but still within reach.
  • Shelving. Speaking of shelves, it’s always nice to have plenty of shelf space in a mudroom. But, you don’t need to go overboard. Think about how you regularly use the mudroom and install some shelves to serve those needs.
  • Cubbies. One or more cubbies are a wonderful accessory to have in a mudroom. These can be used to store just about anything: shoes, gloves, scarfs, and much more. It could be helmets or other items.
  • Extra towels. There’s just no such thing as too many towels in a mudroom. Be sure to keep these ready to go and on hand at all times so you don’t have to trek through the house to get towels to use when you enter the mudroom.

If you need to organize your mud room and junk some items, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We also offer garage cleanouts, attic cleanouts, and basement cleanouts for your convenience.

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