minimize moving stressMoving. It's something we all do, usually a few times in our lives. And, it's always something we dread. Let's face it, moving isn't fun, it's not an adventure. It's a real chore to relocate all your possessions from point A to point B, even if the distance is right next door or across the street. Moving creates a stressful situation because it comes with deadlines and a whole laundry list of tasks (not of which the least is the furniture). Fortunately, there are ways to minimize moving stress

Top Ways to Minimize Moving Stress

So, it's nearly time to move and your mind is racing. You're trying to remember everything to ensure your list is complete. Now, you're facing the fact you've got to be rid of this and that. It's time to dispose of baby furniture and be rid of it once and for all. Or, perhaps you'll need to cleanout a storage unit. That just doubles your workload and it's something you don't relish in the least. The point is organization is key.

While most people agree that moving is stressful, there are ways to ensure you have a much less stressful move than you thought possible. There are lots of ways to reduce the stress of moving so you can actually enjoy the moment, look forward to the change and know that this move can be a positive and rewarding experience - a chance to start over.

About three weeks before the move, you should schedule utilities to turn off and on. Start going through that frozen food and perishables so you don't have to throw it out (or lug it with you.) Update your mailing address with your bank, work, insurance carriers, and others. Plus, if you are on prescription medication, have a plan. And, get ready to clean out that shed. Here are some more helpful tips for minimize moving stress:

  • Ask for help. When it comes to moving, there is such thing as too much help. But there's also such thing as too little help. Enlist the help of a few friends and that will make the move smoother without creating chaos and running into one another.
  • Tell your neighbors. A day or two before your move, be sure to let your neighbors know what's going on so there aren't roadblocks impeding you. Ask them to help keep the street clear so you have ample room to move out furniture and a clear path for your own vehicles.
  • Plan for kids and pets. Kids and pets will become an issue on moving day. Their curiosity can and will arise. Even if the pets scurry away, you might face a real predicament trying to get them to come out of hiding. So, formulate a plan for children and pets so they aren't in the way.
  • Walk-through at least twice. Once everything is out of the house, garage, and shed, it's time to do a walk-through, inside and out. Don't just walk-through one time, do so at least twice; that way, you won't unwittingly leave something behind.

When you need help with purging stuff for a move, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We can help with furniture removal or just hauling junk away, whatever you need to make the move go smoother.

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