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From the day you move your belongings into self-storage and sign the lease, a lien is in place against those items, according to Scott Zucker, an Atlanta attorney who specializes in self-storage matters. That lien lets the storage facility sell your unit’s contents to recoup what it’s owed if you don’t pay the rent. The facility can’t hold an auction right away, though. Every state has different self-storage lien laws in place but most follow a similar timeline. —

When you need to relocate or just want to stop wasting money on storing stuff, you’ll need to do a self storage unit cleanout that comports with the contractual rules. For instance, if you leave behind things, particularly something that’s considered a hazardous material, you get hit with additional fees. Even leaving personal effect behind can lead to the same. But, by following these tips, you’ll be scot-free:

  • Make a good plan. Don’t try to do this on the fly because you’ll quickly learn there’s not enough time. In other words, don’t wait until the last minute to begin the cleanout because it could easily exceed your estimate and you’ll have to race against the clock to get it all done. Give yourself at least a day or two and do so at least a week before the lease ends.
  • Get super organized. When you enter the storage space, go in with mission to organize everything. Otherwise, you’ll wind up just wandering through things and will have little to no idea what to do with this and that. Group like things together and create an inventory list.
  • Donate and sell things. Once you’re organized and know what you’re keeping and what you don’t want or no longer need, it’s time to donate and sell as much as possible. This way, you’ll have less to deal with and you’ll put some money in your pocket.
  • Keep what’s important. Now, just because you don’t really want to part with this or that doesn’t mean it’s a necessity. After all, if it’s been inside the storage space for any length of time, it’s probably not that vital. This is a great way to maximize your purge so you have fewer items to store at home.

When you need a storage unit cleanout done fast, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away.
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