attic clean outAn attic cleanout isn’t exactly the most welcome or thrilling experience. But, from time to time, it’s a necessary chore. After all, there’s valuable storage space going to waste. And, if you plan on doing an attic conversion to make more living space, an attic clean out is unavoidable. So, when it’s time, you should make the most of it by having an actionable plan. Okay, that doesn’t sound like it makes too much sense, but it really does.

Attic Cleanout Don’ts

Before you just rush into it, understand what will cause problems to crop up. For instance, you shouldn’t just go into the attic space and start carrying things out without creating a clear foot path. That’s a big mistake. If you don’t have a pre-prepared pathway to follow, you’ll risk tripping and other hazards which will only anger and demotivate you. Also, don’t make the mistake of not inspecting the space.

No one ever said getting rid of clutter is easy. It takes time, effort, and sometimes an emotional toll. Sentimental clutter often can be the most difficult to part with during the organizing process. The attic, basement, and garage can be major clutter traps in anyone’s home. It takes quite a bit of effort to trim down what has accumulated in those areas over the years. One also must make a conscious effort to keep them uncluttered after an initial cleaning has taken place.

If you don’t often go into the attic, there’s a good chance pests are enjoying the comfortable living space. So, be sure to check around to eliminate any potential unpleasant surprises. This way, you’ll be in-the-know and possibly have more motivation to clean it out.

Top Odenton Attic Clean Out Tips You can Use

Here are some useful and helpful attic cleanout tips and tricks you can employ to get the results you want:

  • Create a pathway. The first thing on your list is to get stuff out of your way. In other words, you’ll need a walkway, free of tripping hazards to make it safe. It will also help identify unneeded and unnecessary junk you can easily do without.
  • Empty out the whole attic. You’ll need to empty out the space, leaving nothing inside. This way, you’ll have more motivation to get rid of things rather than just put them back.
  • Go through every box. You probably don’t want to do this, but it’s unavoidable if you are really serious about reclaiming all the wasted space. You’ll likely encounter a lot of things you’ve long forgot about and might come across a few treasures.
  • Organize what you’re storing. Group like items together and label every box. Place items most retrieved near the entrance and items retrieved less often further away from the entrance.

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