playroom conversionPlayroom conversion is something to really think about, particularly if you're not staying put for the next three to five years. Although this doesn't usually require a lot of construction and remodeling work, it does mean changing up a few things. And, those changes might well need undoing in order to sell the house, if that's a real possibility. But, if not, you can convert a guest room into a playroom without much big effort.

Consider a Dual Function Guest and Playroom

This is something to think about seriously because it's a statistical fact that resales with made over rooms are harder to offload. In other words, if you plant to sell in the near future or even several years from now, buyers often object to room conversions. In other words, buyers do not like rooms to serve another purpose than originally intended.

Most homeowners with children would love a playroom, but many layouts don’t provide the space for one. But there is one room that could work double duty: the guest room. Since guest rooms are usually used only for small spurts of time, they’re ideal for taking on extra function. These professional tips will put you well on your way to a space that makes both guests and your kids feel comfortable and at home.

Think about it this way and put yourself in a buyer's shoes for a moment. You're on the house hunt and see several properties. One you find online and want to tour in-person. But, when you walk through the house, you find one bedroom is now a home gym or a hobby station. Now, you're thinking about all the work to remake the space to return it to just a bedroom. So, seriously consider a dual use space, that can convert on the fly.

Top Guilford Guest to Playroom Conversion Tips

But, if you have your heart set on making it into a playroom, you can transform that guest room with relatively little work. Here's a brief overview of how to do a guest room to playroom conversion:

  • Empty the room. Start by clearing out the room completely. Leave nothing inside so you have a blank slate to work with. (This will also help you to reimagine the space more easily.)
  • Repaint the room. Next, you can repaint the room to make it more fun and bright. Stay away from bold colors and use neutral ones to make it soothing as well as less stimulating.
  • Add multifunction furniture. Your best way to furnish the space is to do so with multifunction piece which serve two or more purposes. This way, you won't overcrowd the space and will have more functionality.
  • Baby-proof the space to finish. If necessary, now is the time to baby-proof the space for safety.

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