A Beautiful Wood Swing Stand on Green GrassWood swing stands are built to last, but over time, the outside weather elements take their toll. Along with regular use, a wood swing can begin to buckle, making it unsafe to sit on and pose a safety hazard for pets which like to sleep under the shade these provide.

Because of the sheer size, you won't be able to pick it up, put it in the back of a truck or on a trailer, and haul it away. Instead, you'll have to take the entire thing apart and then dispose of it. Since these amenities are treated with chemicals and fortified with sealant to make them last, they cannot be cut up and burned.

Steps to Take Apart a Wood Swing Stand

You'll need several tools, along with rust remover and lubricant to make it easier to unfasten the bolts holding the stand together. You'll also need at least one other person to assist you in disassembling the swing and carrying the parts.

Taking apart a wood swing set might be necessary when you move to a new house, want to move the swing to a different location, or need to get rid of the set completely. Be ready to set aside an afternoon for dismantling the pieces from the hardware, which may have rusted from the weather. Wood swing sets should come apart using common tools and readily available lubricants. -- eHow.com


Gather together a socket wrench set, pliers, a pry bar, hammers, eye protection, gloves, lubricant, rust remover, and a free standing ladder. With your tools and supplies ready, place them nearby the swing for quick access. Then follow these steps:

  1. Lubricate the bolts. Place the ladder near the swing stand and climb up to reach the top bolts, then spray lubricant and rust remover, if necessary. Spray the other bolts that are near the ground, if applicable.
  2. Remove the swing. While the lubricant and rust soak, along with your helper, unhook the swing from the chains and set it off to the side. Then, unfasten the chains hanging from the eyebolts at the top of the stand.
  3. Disassemble the stand. Using a socket wrench, loosen and pull out the bolts securing the triangular stand supports. You might have to pry these apart with a pry bar. Do this carefully because the stand could suddenly collapse.

Pile all the parts together and put the nuts and bolts in a bag.

How to Dispose of a Wood Swing Stand

Since the stand is large, even when disassembled, you'll have to dispose of it yourself. Load the stand onto a truck or trailer and take it to the local landfill. If you don't have a truck or trailer, then call a junk hauling service to pick it up and take it away and save yourself the time and money of renting a truck or trailer.

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