Aluminum sheds are a common storage feature in yards to store landscaping materials, garden tools, and lawn care equipment. These sheds are built to be highly durable and provide ample protection from weather elements. However, over time, and especially after severe inclement weather events, these structures can corrode and become damaged.

When in a state of disrepair, they become a safety hazard and no longer function in protecting lawn equipment, and garden tools and materials. Unfortunately, their sheer size makes it impossible to simply load onto a truck or trailer and haul away. Sheds must be dismantled in sections in order to be manageable.

How to Dismantle an Aluminum Shed

Sheds must be taken apart in the reverse order they were constructed to prevent injury or property damage. Storage sheds are generally assembled from the ground up, with the base being put down first, the flooring installed over it, wall frames and sections erected, and the top is last. Joints and seams are then sealed with caulk to make the structure more rain resistant.

When it is time for shed removal in your backyard or garden, you may have to dismantle that old metal shed. Approach this task with planning and caution and leave yourself with a reusable base on which to build your new shed. -- Do It

The key to take down a shed is to do it section by section with at least one set of helping hands. You'll need eye protection, leather gloves, a power or cordless driver, a pry bar, and a rubber mallet. Once you have the necessary tools, follow these steps:

  1. Empty the shed completely. Empty the shed entirely of all contents, and place the items at least one and a half to two times the height of the shed away, or, store them away somewhere else. This will prevent tripping hazards and prevent accidental damage to those items.
  2. Put on eye protection and leather gloves, then, detach the doors and take out windows. Uninstall the swing or sliding doors using the power or cordless driver and place them alongside the contents of the shed. If the storage structure has windows, uninstall them and stack them in a pile well away from where you are working.
  3. Take the roof off. Next, begin to unfasten the roof starting from the exterior--try to work from the outside as much as possible to avoid materials falling inside the structure. Carefully remove the roof and set it alongside the doors.
  4. Take down the walls and the frame. Now that the doors and roof have been removed from the shed, unfasten the walls from the frame. This might require a bit of prying to get the walls free from the frame.
  5. Take down the frame and pull up the floor. After all the walls have been removed, take apart the frame, then pull up the floor from the base.

How to Dispose of a Metal Shed

One of the best way to dispose of an aluminum or metal shed is to take the metal to a scrap yard and sell it. Before you try to sell it as scrap, you'll have to take off any pieces of steel and other metal components that are not accepted at the scrap yard.

This process can be very time consuming and requires a lot of meticulous work and attention. A simple and easy alternative is to call a junk removal service, who will haul away not only the shed, but also, any old lawn equipment, gardening tools, and junk garbage you had stored in the shed.

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