How to Take Down An Aluminum CarportFreestanding and attached aluminum carport structures were quite common in Florida for many years. However, because of the tropical climate and strong storms which occasionally hit the Sunshine State, metal carports become possible projectiles and can be damaged by high winds.

If you have an aluminum carport on your property, or attached to your home and want to take it down, you won't have to use many tools. Another piece of good news is this is a very straightforward project which doesn't require any real experience. Although you will have to be careful because metal carports can cause property damage and sharp edges are a safety concern.

Steps to Take Down an Aluminum Carport

The first thing you should do is to test how sturdy the carport is so you aren't suddenly surprised by it falling in the wrong direction. Once you've inspected it, then gather the tools you'll need, which include a power drill-driver, pry bar, wrenches, a stepladder, eye protection, and heavy leather gloves. You should also have someone help you to get it done faster.

Removing a metal carport is an easy process, so long as you have a few basic tools and know the proper order in which to disassemble the parts. Before starting though, take note of the type of metal your carport is made from. A steel carport will be significantly heavier than an aluminum carport, so take care when handling larger pieces, and always have at least one helping hand ready to assist you. -- Do It

After you have your tools ready, then follow these steps:

  1. Move everything away from the structure, at least twice the distance of its size.
  2. Put on eye protection and heavy leather gloves.
  3. Place the stepladder either at a corner where it is attached or in front of it.
  4. Unfasten the screws holding the top aluminum pans to the frame or out of the U channel that's attached. Be careful when you take each pan off because a stray wind can easily blow it out of your hands, or, can swing and strike you.
  5. Remove the aluminum pans one by one and stack them in a pile well away from the ladder.
  6. Unbolt the framing from the support posts, one part at a time.

The most difficult part of the job will be taking down the supports. Usually, these are sunk into concrete that is part of the driveway or buried a couple feet underground. You'll either have to break up the concrete or dig it up from out of the ground.

How to Dispose of a Metal Carport

If you don't have the tools and equipment, pickup the phone and call a junk hauling service to cart all the metal away. It will be less expensive, less time consuming, and certainly save you a lot of hard labor to try and get those supports out.

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