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DIY Tips on How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Our homes are truly remarkable structures, complete with distinctive styling and functionality. With today’s technology, homes have many conveniences, including appliances and technology that makes life easy. From smart thermostats to Low E, double pane windows, to the latest in engineered flooring, homes are not only comfortable, but also less maintenance intensive. However, many homes are older structures and these…

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How to Take Down a Pergola

Pergolas are very aesthetically pleasing, functioning structures that often provide shade under rambling vines, which cover the top. Though these outdoor features are built from weather resistant wood, over time, the outside elements take their toll. If you don’t occasionally retreat the wood, it will insatiably start to rot. A pergola can also become compromised after a heavy rain and…

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How to Take Down a Punk Tree in Florida

how to take down a punk treePunk trees, or paperbark tea trees, are native to the continent of Australia and are very attractive to bees, birds, and bats. These trees are quite adaptable and can grow in upland areas, as well as aquatically, making them very prevalent in the state of Florida since their introduction over 50 years ago.

However, these are considered an invasive species in the Sunshine State. Researchers are attempting to find a way to control the species, because it grows rapidly due to its ability to produce many seeds, which grow aggressively into an impenetrable monoculture.

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How to Tear Out a Brick Planter

Brick is one of the most versatile and aesthetic types of building material. It can give a structure a more

sophisticated look and is easy to clean with a pressure washer or even a garden hose. Homes with

equipped with brick planters are either free standing structures or attached to the front exterior. These are

great to plant flower or even vegetables. Over time, however, bricks will come loose and compromise the

integrity of the whole planter. If you don’t want to replace the bricks and gain a bit more space, you can

tear out your brick planter.

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How to Junk Lawn Equipment

There’s little more frustrating than to drag out your lawn mower, line trimmer, edger, or leaf blower only to find the junk lawn equipment won’t start. While most of the country enjoys a respite from lawn care, here in Florida the plentiful sunshine and subtropical climate make it practically a year-round chore. Though homeowners don’t have to mow and trim as often, it’s still necessary.

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How to Take Down an Aluminum Carport

How to Take Down An Aluminum CarportFreestanding and attached aluminum carport structures were quite common in Florida for many years. However, because of the tropical climate and strong storms which occasionally hit the Sunshine State, metal carports become possible projectiles and can be damaged by high winds.

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How to Clean Out a Cluttered Basement

One area of the home we like to put unused but still somewhat wanted items is the basement. Homeowners routinely make trips down the stairs into the cluttered space to add one or more items to an already cramped space. Over time, it becomes practically impossible to negotiate all that stuff, and, if you have a need for the space, it leaves you with the daunting task of cleaning out your basement.

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How to Take Apart a Wood Swing Stand

A Beautiful Wood Swing Stand on Green GrassWood swing stands are built to last, but over time, the outside weather elements take their toll. Along with regular use, a wood swing can begin to buckle, making it unsafe to sit on and pose a safety hazard for pets which like to sleep under the shade these provide.

Because of the sheer size, you won’t be able to pick it up, put it in the back of a truck or on a trailer, and haul it away. Instead, you’ll have to take the entire thing apart and then dispose of it. Since these amenities are treated with chemicals and fortified with sealant to make them last, they cannot be cut up and burned.

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How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity

You’re tired of looking at your outdated bathroom vanity and decide that you’re not going to wait any longer to replace it. You’ve found one that you like and want to save on the cost by installing yourself. There’s just one problem, you’re not sure how to pull the old one out and install the new fixture.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that this is not a difficult project. You’ll only need a few tools, along with a set of helping hands, and a few hours to make the change to your bath.

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How Can I Dispose of an Old Boat

As the old saying goes, “a boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money.” More often than not, that expense doesn’t stop when the boat becomes usable or just too old and expensive to repair. Depending on the material from which it is constructed, the status of the engine and any electronics, the size and condition, your options will range from few to many.

Basically, it comes down to how motivated you are to take action and get rid of the eyesore vessel. It also depends on its size and condition, which bears repeating at least one time.

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