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above ground pool removalAbove ground pool removal. Four words that strike fear into the heart of anyone who’s done this before. And, anyone who hasn’t done it yet. As you can imagine, it’s hard work. Not because it’s necessarily difficult, but because it presents such a challenge. It’s big, awkward and involves a few lengthy steps. The whole process can easily take an entire day or most of a weekend from start to finish. So, that means you’ll need to set aside ample time for an above ground pool removal job.

Above Ground Pool Disposal

Now, before we even get to the nitty-gritty of teardown, it’s first beneficial to think about your above ground pool disposal. That’s right. If you aren’t going to re-erect it later on at some point, you’ll have to dispose of it responsibility. And, that’s far more of a chore than you probably think.

During the hotter parts of summer, homes with a pool are often the envy of the neighborhood. Round above ground swimming pools are versatile because they can be taken down and moved or stored when not in use, but knowing where to start disassembling the pool and in which order the pieces should come off can be a challenge. —San Francisco

After all, an above ground pool disposal means dealing with very different materials. Which means it will involve recycling disparate materials. In other words, you won’t just be able to drop it off at the local dump. (If you want to skip this part, just call a junk hauling service and be done with it in a jiffy.)

How to Do a Silver Spring Above Ground Pool Removal Job

As for the above ground pool removal, you’ll begin with an obvious task — draining the pool. Of course, it won’t fully drain, but should easily be enough to work with. Here’s the next steps for an above ground pool removal you can follow:

  • Remove the fastening caps. Typically along the top are fastening caps, which hold the liner in-place. Remove these, one-by-one and put them aside. It’s best to do this from outside the pool, if you can to avoid damaging the liner if you are going to re-install the pool at a later date.
  • Take the liner out of the pool. Next, you’ll take the liner out of the pool. Here again, proceed with caution if you’re going to reuse it. Work in a circle to fold it up and then put it off to the side.
  • Take down each individual wall. Now, you can remove each separate wall from the frame. Generally, there are two metals involved — aluminum and steel. You should separate these if you’re going to scrap the whole thing or if you plan to put the pool up again.
  • Revive the lawn underneath, if desired. To finish the job, you can treat the area underneath where the pool stood with grass seed and fertilizer. This way, it won’t leave an ugly mark in the lawn.

When you need an above ground pool dismantle and disposal job done right, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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