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Shed removal take-down isn't necessarily difficult, but it does take time and some serious elbow grease to get the job done. Sheds are often situated near a fence, near the exterior of a home, or placed in the corner of a backyard. The location can present some difficulties, just like removing hedges near a house, because there's less room to maneuver and work freely. However, this doesn't mean it cannot be done DIY style. You just need a few useful shed removal take-down tips to get started on the right track.

Shed Removal Take-Down Tips

A common use for sheds is storage of things like lawn equipment, seasonal decorative items, and more. In some instances, it's necessary to remove a water heater, because it's been installed in the shed to provide more room in the garage or elsewhere. Because this is usually a space where you don't often go inside, chances are excellent there's more in the shed than you would like. For instance, it could be the home to rodents or other pests.

When a storage shed has outlived its usefulness, it can become an eyesore. Sagging doors, rust-covered panels or a defunct roof are all conditions that may dictate the removal of an old storage shed. When you're ready to demolish a dilapidated shed, it's crucial that you do it correctly to ensure your safety and effectively remove all remnants of the shed. --San Francisco Gate

Take some time to walk around the outside and look for any signs of pest or rodent activity. If you do not regularly go into the storage space, do yourself a favor and knock on the doors and walls a few times before opening it up and going inside. If you do encounter rodents or pests, take care of these by extermination. If you don't they will just relocate and you might discover your house is their new home. Once you're confident the space is free of pests, use the following shed removal take-down tips:

  • Clear the area around the shed. If there is anything immediately around the structure, you should relocate it temporarily to avoid accidental tripping and possible damage. This will also help you to learn if there is a pest problem in or around the shed.
  • Empty the shed out completely. Next, empty the shed out entirely, leaving nothing inside. You should also take down any shelves attached to the inside walls. Then, organize everything into three piles: things to keep, stuff to donate or give away, and junk garbage to haul away. (You'll probably have more of the second two combined than the first.)
  • Remove the doors from the shed. Take the doors off the shed and place them away from the storage space so they are not a tripping hazard. Usually, this can be done with a drill-driver, unscrewing the hinge retaining screws from the outside.
  • Take out any windows, if applicable. If the shed is equipped with windows, do not leave these in-place because there will be broken glass scattered around your property when you tear down the shed.
  • Take-down the shed in reverse of build. Typically, sheds are erected from the ground up. So, take it down in reverse order, starting with the roof, then walls, and finally, the floor and foundation.

When the structure is completely down, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away for shed removal. We'll come out where you need us for shed haul away. Or, if you can't do the job on your own, we can do total shed cleanout and removal for you.

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