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When it comes to rental home appliance removal and replacement, there are several considerations to take into account. This is especially true if you're not planning an outright, total kitchen gut and remodel. In those instances, everything typically goes. But, when you are simply dealing with a rental home appliance removal and replacement situation, there's more too it. Put another way, you'll probably want to spend as little as possible but get the best available. Of course, that's a dream scenario and being pragmatic will greatly benefit you.

Rental Home Appliance Removal and Replacement Tips

One obstacle you'll face time and again as a landlord is dealing with hazardous waste. No, not the toxic waste of the movies but what's inside different appliances. For instance, the refrigerator contains freon, a hazardous material. Old television sets likewise contain hazardous materials. This might not strike you as a big deal but the local trash collection service will certainly have a different opinion.

It is important not to work along the same stringent standards you may apply to your own home. As sad as this may sound, there is no point in over-renovating a property, or striving for “picture perfect” standards because your tenants are not going to treat it with the same quality of care as they would their own property. To them, it’s only a temporary home and they will treat it that way.

If you've ever tried to donate a working but old box television, you've encountered this bizarre situation before. For landlords, there is much to deal with and periodically, you'll have to repair appliances. The trick is not only to find good service professionals who you can contact and send out to your investment rental but someone who will actually show up on time and do the job right. Replacements are entirely different. Here are some helpful rental home appliance removal and replacement tips you can use:

  • Assess if appliance removal and replacement is necessary. The age, condition, and function of the appliances will determine whether you can simply make repairs or need to remove and replace them. Keep in mind, old appliances will break down again and repair costs will eventually exceed the cost of replacement.
  • Shop around for used appliances to put in the rental home. One of the biggest mistakes to make is to go directly to a big box retailer or home improvement store. While these companies do have floor model sales and scratch and dent deals, shop around. An appliance repair and resale business will probably offer the best buys.
  • Ask different retailers about old appliance removal policies. This is one advantage retail chain stores have over local businesses -- the ability to take old appliances (with exceptions, of course). Learn which appliances the company will take when they deliver the replacements.
  • Consider placing older appliances in another property or storage. If the appliances still function but appear old and worn, consider placing them in another property you own. Another alternative is storage. This is a great strategy because you can immediately and temporarily replace another appliance that breaks down.

If you need appliance removal for your rental property, own home, business, or other property, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We’ll come out and haul away appliances, plus, help with any other odd jobs.

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