remove old kitchen countertopsYou've just successfully replaced an old dining set and now, you're eyeing the kitchen. Those countertops look seriously outdated and show every sign of overuse. You've thought long and hard about doing a complete kitchen makeover. But, it's just too expensive and what's more, too disruptive, as well as too time-consuming. A great alternative is to remove those old kitchen countertops and replace them with new material. You can simply refresh the cabinet base, for a whole new look.

How to Remove Old Kitchen Countertops

If necessary, you might consider taking out those old kitchen cabinets to replace them with up-to-date fixtures. Or, you might opt to just repaint them. All you have to do is take off the hardware, remove the doors and then sand the cabinet frames, prime the surface, and then apply a fresh coat of paint. If you really want to make a big change without spending a whole lot of money, just replace the hardware.

If you're renovating a kitchen or want to upgrade from laminate to tile on your countertops, it's beneficial to remove the countertop in one piece and start from scratch. Countertops are nothing more than plywood or particle board nailed to the top of the cabinets. It's usually not worth the time and effort to try to save it. When you remove an existing countertop and start out with fresh particle board or plywood, you have a surface that's ready for new tile or laminate without any further preparation. --San Francisco Gate

You'll be surprised at how much different the kitchen cabinets look with new hinges and pulls or handles. Plus, this is very easy to do and doesn't take more than a weekend or two to totally makeover kitchen cabinets. It's also a clever way to keep the functionality going, while enjoying a whole new experience. But, it's good to start with the countertops, if you aren't replacing the cabinets. Here's how to remove old kitchen countertops easily:

  • Remove the kitchen sink. You'll have to start by removing the kitchen sink. Turn off the water supply and then disconnect the lines underneath the sink. Use a pan or bowl to catch the water. Then, determine how the sink is fixed. You'll need a putty knife and drill-driver to pull the sink out of the countertop.
  • Take down the backsplash. Next, you'll have to remove the backsplash from the wall. Insert a putty knife between the backsplash and the wall. Then, carefully slide the putty knife from one side to another, cutting the backsplash off the adhesive. After it's loose, pull the backsplash off the wall.
  • Pry the countertop off the base. There are a few different ways countertops are connected to the cabinet base. Generally, the countertop is nailed or screwed and/or glued to the base. use a pry bar and rubber mallet to pull the countertop off of the base unit.
  • Remove any screws or nails. Once the countertop is off the base, you can then pull out any protruding nails or screws from the unit. After that, you can install a new countertop onto the cabinet base to finish the job.

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