junk removal serviceOkay, so you're getting rid of baby furniture, remodeling a room, or taking on a bit of landscaping work. But, you're unsure with what to do with the material debris. Whatever the case might be, a simple curbside trash bin won't nearly be large enough to do the job. And, even if you could haul it all out to the curb, there's no way the local trash collection agency will pick it up. So, you are considering either renting a roll off dumpster or calling in a junk removal service.

Poolesville Junk Removal Service Advantages

This isn't a simple answer, particularly if you don't know much about how these services differ. Whether you're cleaning out a storage shed to free up space or doing some home renovation, you'll need to do something with all the debris and leftover materials.

While certainly not the sexiest topic in home renovation, the issue of how to dispose of remodeling waste is becoming more important as it becomes harder to find places to take the stuff. Landfills and transfer stations are concerned about issues like hazardous waste, as well as separating metal, masonry, and other dissimilar materials. --The Spruce.com

Many people undertake a home improvement project, carefully picking out what they want. But few really think things through and it isn't until the stuff begins to pile up do they realize there's a problem. The upsides to calling a junk removal service is you don't have to do the work yourself. Plus, they come out to you, where you need them. And, a junk removal crew knows how to handle just about any job because they've done it many times before.

Roll Off Dumpster Disadvantages

But, if you are the do-it-yourself type, you might think it's better to rent a big waste container. However, there are some things you need to know before you do this. While it seems like a good option, there are some big downsides to a roll off dumpster rental:

  • Size. This is something that really gets a lot of people -- right in the wallet. You need to rent the right size container. If you rent one that's too small, you'll need to have it picked up, emptied, and brought back, costing you more money. But, if you rent one that's too large, you're paying for unused space.
  • Labor. If you bring in a junk removal service, it's the crew which does all the work. But, if you rent a dumpster, it is you who must do the back-breaking work. You must fill the waste container on your own or with the help of family or friends.
  • Location. This is another problematic situation because you'll need a dedicated space to place the container for several hours or a day or a few days. And, if you put in the wrong place, it could mean having to move it, which you can't do on your own.
  • Materials. Perhaps the biggest downside to renting a dumpster is there are prohibited materials. You can't just throw away anything and unfortunately, if you do, it is you who must fish it out. Many materials are prohibited items, meaning you'll have to dispose of these on your own.

When you’re ready to start your project and need debris material disposal, phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We are here to help with all kinds of jobs, just give us a ring and we’ll take it from there.

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