den bedroom conversionA den bedroom conversion is no simple task to pull off. Although it's definitely not as difficult as a kitchen remodel or a total bathroom makeover, it does present its own set of challenges. For instance, remodeling debris disposal. Any home improvement produces a good deal of waste and most people don't even think about how to deal with it until it's unavoidable. But, that's not the only thing you've got to consider when it comes to a den bedroom conversion.

Beware these Den Bedroom Conversion Pitfalls

Sure, a den bedroom conversion will provide your home with another dedicated private sleeping space. However, you should know that in the world of residential real estate, this is a no-no. That's because it's a statistical fact that rooms converted to serve a different purpose are frowned upon by homebuyers. So, if you plan to sell your house in the future, although you might have another bedroom, be aware you've taken away a perfectly good multipurpose space.

Decorate your den to serve multiple purposes, such as turning it into an extra bedroom if you’re short on sleeping space or a temporary retreat if you have guests coming. Decorate the space with the primary function of the room serving as your guide. For example, privacy will be more important for a semi-permanent bedroom.

Another thing you've got to consider is the fact that a den is usually walled-in, without windows. It's might also not be equipped with doors. That means you'll at-least have to install a door for privacy. And, if you really want to go all-out, you'll need to install one or more windows.

Poolesville Den Bedroom Conversion How-To

Now, if you're still serious about doing a den bedroom conversion, then you need to make it into a true bedroom space. Generally, a bedroom is defined by two to three elements: a privacy door, a closet, and a window. To make a den into a bedroom, you'll need to do the following:

  • Frame-in a closet space. You'll need to empty out the den and then start to install a closet space. Do this by framing in the walls, which you'll cover with drywall. Start in a corner and work along one wall.
  • Finish out the closet walls. Once the framing is up, you'll need to enclose the space to make it into a completed closet. Hang drywall on both sides of the frame and then paint to finish it up.
  • Install closet shelves Next, you'll need to install shelves and a clothes rack to complete the transformation. Use the space wisely so you can store things like clothing,
    shoes, and more.
  • Hang the doors. To finish, you have to hang a door on the closet and on the entry/exit to the former den space. The entry/exit door should include a lock mechanism to make it more functional as a bedroom.

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