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We all have looked at a closet, a garage, a spare room, and said “Today is the day I will clean this out”. Good for you! Same Day Junk Removal is here to help remove those unwanted items so that you have the space you need to do what you want.

Going Through the Junk

  1. Sort into piles: stuff you want to keep, stuff you want to give away, and stuff you are ready to get rid of.
  2. The stuff you want to keep, organize into areas you want to move it to – “hall closet”, “shed”, etc.
  3. The stuff you want to give away can be organized as well – “Aunt Sophie”, “Church Clothes Closet”, etc.
  4. And, of course, “Same Day Junk Removal” pickup.
  5. Use large boxes or bags and label them clearly.

If you haven’t used something in a year, it needs to go – at least, that’s the general rule. Clothes you never wear, Books you’ll never read.  You know that leaving that junk laying around can attract pests and foster mold. It’s healthy to get rid of your junk!

Same Day Junk Removal provides that much needed local service. We will give you a free estimate and haul that clutter away for you the same day!


Junk Removal
Getting rid of junk gives you the space you need!

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