office clutter cleanoutMuch like dealing with an old entertainment center, tackling office clutter isn't a welcome task. Clutter stacks up day after day and because it's a nuisance to manage, it gets pushed down further and further on the priorities list. But you did make a resolution to get more organized and all that office clutter is standing in your way of making real progress. That doesn't have to be the case and you can make good headway with a few useful office clutter clean out tips.

Office Clutter Cleanout Tips

If you are moving into another commercial space, you might need to know some ways to make an office clear out easier. But, should you be staying put in your current office space, you'll probably be content with it being organized. And, we all know organization is key to productivity. In fact, the average person wastes an astounding 4.3 hours per week searching for paperwork, according to the National Association of Professional Organizations.

Research shows there is a direct correlation between productivity and clutter. Productivity and profits decline when clutter and chaos rise. Do piles of paper, disorganization and information mismanagement take over your workplace while efficiency and effectiveness vanish right before your eyes? In addition, many companies deal with stress daily, and unfortunately clutter can help add to the stress of the daily grind. --Reliable Plant

Another compelling statistic relating to office clutter is the stress it creates. Having to unnecessarily navigate through piles of paper, junk, and more really take a big toll. It's part of the reason 75 percent of all primary doctors visits are due to stress related problems. So, if you truly want to be more in-tune with your work environment, you've got to create a productive space. Here are some helpful office cleanout tips you can try:

  • Purge all the junk. Your first order of business is to get busy by purging the space of all junk. There's probably too much junk lying around your office and ignoring it does nothing to make it go away. Identify what you don't need and get rid of it all immediately. If it doesn't have a clear and useful purpose, it doesn't need to stay in your office.
  • Store what's necessary. Of course, there are things like certain documents, which you need to store. When you have these identified, place them in a closet or other storage area so they can be retrieved, if it becomes necessary.
  • Create workspace zones. One of the best ways to stay organized and to increase productivity is by creating workspace zones. This does much to improve not only productivity but dedicate certain areas to specific tasks. Like a manufacturing facility, it's a way to establish a workspace that's truly dynamic.
  • Place useful items at arm's length. When you're clearing out office clutter, don't forget to place everyday, useful items right at arm's length. This will reduce your need to search for this and that, while also increasing productivity.
  • Implement end of day organization. Another way to keep office clutter at a minimal is to implement an end of day organization routine. This will help you stay organized day in and day out, while also providing a little more stress relief.

If you need an office cleanout service, just pick up the phone and call 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We not only provide office clean out but a number of other helpful services like office furniture removal and plenty more.

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