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old bathroom vanity removalOld bathroom vanity removal doesn’t necessary require a lot of skill and experience. But, this isn’t to say that it doesn’t come without challenges. Like any other home improvement project, there are a few obstacles to get around. However, most of the work is straightforward. Which means just about anyone can do it. Where it gets really tricky is installing a new bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Disposal

Where many people go wrong isn’t with their planning but their lack of details. Put another way, people often have a general overview of how to tackle a home renovation project but are skimpy on the details. For instance, you know you want to update the bathroom. So, you pick out a new vanity and sink, along with a new floor rug, a couple of nice towel racks, and perhaps a great hamper.

For the easiest installation buy a new vanity and sink that are the same sizes as the old ones. Of course you can always measure your space and find a sink and vanity that will fit. —

But, what you’ve skipped over is where it gets tricky. In other words, what are you going to do with all that old stuff? Where does the junk go that’s being replaced by all the new items? You’ve got to have a plan for how to deal with the debris because there will be a whole lot of it. Do yourself a favor and schedule a junk removal service to come by and this way, you won’t have to worry about it.

Layhill Old Bathroom Vanity Removal

Now, let’s get into the old bathroom vanity removal part. While this isn’t overly difficult, you will need a few common household tools and a can-do spirit. Here’s an overview of the old bathroom vanity removal process:

  • Remove any decor and the mirror. To begin, take down and out any wall and other decor. Store this away, out of the way, and then remove the mirror that’s above the vanity. If you aren’t replacing it, store it away, too. But, if you are replacing the mirror, you can give it away or junk it.
  • Shut off the electricity and water. Next, turn off the electricity and the water supply. Be sure there’s no electricity flowing to the wall outlets and the water doesn’t run when the faucet is on.
  • Disconnect the water and drain lines. When safe, disconnect the water and drain lines under the vanity. Use towels and bowls to catch any dripping water. Wait until the lines are clear to move onto the next part.
  • Disassemble the vanity and pull it out. Now, you can disassemble the vanity. Determine how the unit is assembled, and then take it apart, if necessary. Pull the vanity out of the bathroom.

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