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Same Day Junk Removal offers junk removal and recycling services for residential and commercial customers. We specialize in serving the homeowner or business owner by coming into your property and removing any and all unwanted trash items. We also specialize in residential and commercial cleanouts. Our junk removal and hauling service company is known for providing full time and part time residents with affordable junk removal, junk recycling, rubbish removal, garbage removal and junk hauling services.
Whether you are a homeowner or a business looking to haul away unwanted trash items like old furniture, appliances, electronics or any other type of junk or debris, or you are a business owner needing a professional junk removal and hauling service after a move or construction project , Same Day Junk Removal is here to provide you with the best prices and the best service possible! We can be more affordable than most because we are local owner operated junk removal companies which saves on big overhead costs.  We do all the work which is included in our pricing! What we do is come by and give you a free junk removal estimate on the same day you are looking to get your unwanted debris removed. You tell us what junk needs to be removed from the basement, back yard, or anywhere inside your home or office or anywhere on the property, even if  its a vacant lot. If you like our price, then we immediately go to work and load up whatever unwanted trash you have. Your junk is then hauled away forever and either disposed in a landfill or recycled at many designated centers across the area.
JunkExamples of the trash items we pick up: old furniture like a chair, sofa, coffee table, couch. File cabinet, appliances, construction debris, renovation debris, carpet,(we will also remove the carpet from the floor) roofing debris, lumber, plywood, concrete, drywall, bricks, doors, fences, tile, glass, e-waste, computer, printer, monitor, game console, stereo, refrigerator, A/C unit, freezer, washer, dryer, hot water heater, mattress and box spring, scrap metal, tires and rims, batteries, paint, books, newspaper, cardboard, green waste, yard debris, tree limbs,  shrubbery, grass clippings, general household junk, medical equipment, any office junk furniture and equipment, business machines, copy and fax machines, and much more! We can pick up one item or remove a whole office or house full of unwanted trash and debris.

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