indoor-outdoor carpet removalIndoor-outdoor carpet removal does not require a lot of skill but it will take a sizeable amount of effort. This is a very labor intensive task but it opens up all sorts of possibilities. When you remove indoor-outdoor carpet, you can replace it with another kind or color. Other alternatives are tile or refinishing the terrazzo or subfloor underneath. You might even consider preparing the room for new tile as an option. Whatever the case, you'll first have to tackle indoor-outdoor carpet removal.

Indoor-Outdoor Carpet Removal Steps

What makes indoor-outdoor carpet removal difficult is its installation method. Typically, it is glued to the subfloor to keep it securely in-place. While this certainly works well to keep it down over the subfloor, it creates a problematic situation to take it up. Not only will you have to deal with getting it free from the subfloor but also, cleaning and treating the subfloor, as well. This is why many people opt to hire a professional to do the work for them.

Removing outdoor carpet is no easy task – often it is glued down to cement and makes the task much more difficult than removing indoor carpeting. As carpeting outdoors can make or break the environment and mood of the space, replacing an old worn out carpet though a difficult task can be rewarding by remaking the space into an enjoyable one. --Do It

But, if you are determined to go the do-it-yourself route, you should work smart so not to work as hard. Make no mistake about it, this is gruelling work and it's going to take a heap of labor. So, don't put undue strain on your body by trying to peel it up solely by hand. This probably won't work well and it will hurt your back. Also, avoid trying to wet indoor-outdoor carpet to loosen it from the subfloor because if it's frail enough, it will just tear and you'll be left with a big mess. Here are the indoor-outdoor carpet removal steps to follow:

  • Empty the room of furniture. Now is a great time to get rid of that old futon sofa or worn out outdoor furniture. Even if you're going to keep the furniture, it must be temporarily relocated so you have ample room to work and you don't need to be shuffling it around.
  • Cut the carpet into big sections. Use a utility knife to cut the indoor-outdoor carpet into large sections. Four is usually sufficient and makes the job of carrying it a lot less heavy and awkward that it would be if left whole.
  • Get under all four corners to start. Now, with the indoor-outdoor carpet cut into large sections, it's time to take it up from the subfloor. You'll need a floor scraper to do this and you'll need to wear heavy leather work gloves to protect your hands.
  • Pull up each section and carry away. After you've loosened a section from the subfloor, you can begin to pull it up in its entirety. Then, once free, carry it away so it isn't a tripping hazard as you work to take up the rest of the indoor-outdoor carpet.
  • Take all the adhesive off the subfloor. You'll need to use a glue dissolution solvent to clean off the subfloor of adhesive. This is perhaps the most time-consuming and difficult part of indoor-outdoor carpet removal. Be sure to get it all up before you install new flooring.

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