One area of the home we like to put unused but still somewhat wanted items is the basement. Homeowners routinely make trips down the stairs into the cluttered space to add one or more items to an already cramped space. Over time, it becomes practically impossible to negotiate all that stuff, and, if you have a need for the space, it leaves you with the daunting task of cleaning out your basement.

In the basement, clutter around equipment and machinery is inconvenient when you need service and dangerous if the jumble is flammable. Disorganization makes finding items stored there difficult, sometimes impossible, so what's the point of holding onto them, anyway? A mess won't motivate anyone to get busy in the workshop or exercise center. And the whole thing can turn into a swamp of ruined stuff if rainstorm turns into a flood while you're at work or out to dinner. --

For many homeowners, it's the sheer magnitude of junk that's overwhelming. The stairs also present a bit of a problem because often times, there's no walkout exit to make the job easier. It can be done, though it may take an entire weekend, perhaps a few, to get the job done right.

How to Clear Out and Organize a Messy Cluttered Basement

To get the basement cleared out, you'll need a game plan. Though it may sound silly, it's necessary to get the job done, because it will be tempting to leave good-enough alone. Here's how to clear out a cluttered basement:

  1. Start with an empty space that's accessible. You need an area where it's possible to move freely. Usually, this is close to the base of the stairs. Begin to take out what you're sure to junk and thin out all those possessions.
  2. Sort to begin organizing. After you've removed the items you're not keeping, then, begin to sort things into two piles: things to sell or donate, and, things you'll keep.
  3. Donate items, sell good stuff, and trash the junk. Once you have everything separated, it's time to donate gently used items, sell stuff that's still usable and has some value, and throw out all the junk.
  4. Organize what's left. Whatever items are staying in the basement can now be neatly organized to maximize space. Give your basement a cleaning to refresh the space.

Do yourself a huge favor and don't take what you're throwing out to the curb or haul it off to the landfill. The emotional connection might be just tempting enough for you to find a rationalization as to why you need to keep it rather than let go. Pick up the phone and call a junk removal and hauling service, this way you avoid potential conflict, caving-in, and begin hoarding stuff you really don't need or use.

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