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Your backyard pergola took a real beating over the years and recent heavy summer storms did even more damage. It's now looking pretty worn and you don't know it isn't safe. The feature has served you and your family well, and, you'd like to keep it. To repair, refurbish, or outright replace it, you'll have to assess its current condition. Should it look unstable, you can test it by pushing on it to see if it budges. In addition, take time to inspect the support posts, the side walls, and rafters and beams, and outer beams.

How to Replace a Pergola

Once you've inspected all the parts of the pergola, you'll need to decide which you can reuse and which you ought to replace. Whatever you need to discard, put in a separate pile and phone a junk hauling and removal service to dispose of the debris. Put the materials you'll reuse in another organized pile for easy access. You'll also need to keep the area clear as possible to avoid tripping hazards.

An outdoor pergola provides a framework for climbing vines. Replacing a pergola should not be an overly exhausting chore, especially if you have the right tools, some time, the correct know-how and possibly a friend or two to help. --Do It

After you've identified the problem areas and know which parts you can keep to reuse, you'll need a few tools. Gather together gloves, eye protection, wrenches, plastic cups, drill-drivers, pry bars, two ladders, bypass lopper, wheelbarrow, and enlist at least one set of helping hands. To replace your pergola, you'll need to follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Clear underneath and pull away plants. Remove any furniture and features from underneath the pergola and put these aside. In addition, if the pergola is covered in vines, you'll have to remove these with a bypass lopper.
  2. Unfasten the side walls, if applicable. If the sides are equipped with lattice or another type of side walls, you'll have to unfasten these. Should the side walls be damaged, you need to discard them, however, if they are reusable, set them to the side.
  3. Remove the rafters and beams. Now, it's time to remove the rafters and beams. Set step ladders next to the pergola and along with your helper, climb these. Use wrenches or drill-drivers to unfasten the beams and rafters one-at-a-time. Do this carefully and gently carry each one down to place on the ground for reuse or disposal.
  4. Take off the top. There will be two outer beams which supported the rafters and beams, remove these if the support beams need to be replaced. If the outer beams are in good condition and the support posts are also reusable, you can now start to replace the worn parts.

To replace the worn pergola parts, you'll begin with the rafters and beams, then, replace the side walls, if applicable. You can opt to use a different type of sidewall, if you wish. In addition, you'll likely have to plant new vines for to grow for shade cover. If you need help with cleanup and disposal, give us a call at 800-433-1094, or, visit us at

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