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how to remove a hot tubIt’s old, it’s leaky, and, the pump just went out again. You’ve come to the end of your patience for repairs and quick fixes, and now, it’s time to rid yourself of that hot tub on your patio or deck. It’s been there for years and you’re not exactly excited to see what’s lurking behind it or underneath, but, it’s definitely got to go.

How to Remove a Hot Tub

Fortunately, this is an easy job, you’ll only need a few hand tools and a helping hand to remove your hot tub. All you’ll have to do, with most hot tubs, is to disconnect the water supply, the electrical supply, and remove the skirt.

When it’s time to move, or, your hot tub is old and inoperable, you must disconnect the tub to move it or dispose of it. This includes disconnecting both water and electrical connections, as well as removing the skirt surrounding the base of the hot tub. Most hot tubs can be disconnected with a few simple tools to get it ready to take to your new home or to get rid of it, if it’s broken. —San Francisco Chronicle

While this won’t take all that long, it might be a bit difficult to get at some of the connections, depending on where your hot tub is located and how it is situated into the space. To remove a hot tub, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Move any surrounding items, including patio furniture. This will give you plenty of room to move about, plus, you’ll likely have to do this anyway to get the hot tub out of where it sits.
  2. Take off the cover and drain it. If there’s a cover over top of your hot tub, take it off, then, drain out all the water, if necessary. Some people leave it filled to make it easier to use, but that water will make it too heavy to move.
  3. Turn off the electricity powering the hot tub. You should do this first at the breaker box, then, unplug it from the electrical outlet. You might have to pull off or open-up a panel in order to get to the electrical connection on the tub itself. If you can, pull the cord out and wind it up to avoid tripping over it.
  4. Disconnect the water supply. Using channel locks or an adjustable wrench, disconnect the water supply to the hot tub. Place the pipes off to the side where you won’t trip over them.
  5. Remove the skirt. With a screwdriver, you can unfasten the retaining screws holding the skirt to the tub. Then, put the skirt panels out of the way and you’ll be ready to remove the tub itself.

Now that it’s ready to go, there’s just one problem, and, it isn’t a little one, either. You don’t know what you’ll do with it now that it’s disconnected and ready to junk. You can’t sell it because it’s leaking and broken. The local trash collection won’t pick it up, and, you’d have to pay a hefty dispose fee, plus rent a truck to get it to the landfill. Make it easy on yourself and just call a junk hauling and removal service to take care of it for you.

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