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How to Prepare for an Estate SaleHow to prepare for an estate sale properly includes being emotionally ready and thinking clearly about the ultimate goal. You might use the event to as a way to sell antique furniture or to pare down on what stays in the house. But understand that an estate sale differs from other types of sales. Typically, an estate sale is hosted by family after a relative passes away. Because it’s not a common and familiar process, so many people hire a service to help them. However, it can be done without a service, you just need to know how to prepare for an estate sale.

How to Prepare for an Estate Sale

Hosting an estate sale might include having to do a total condo clean out, or it could be less demanding. It really depends on your goal and the size of the estate. For instance, you might have to put more work into it because you need to clean out a basement to get rid of as much stuff as possible. Regardless of size, you must resign yourself to the fact that you are not hosting an estate sale to make a profit but to get rid of as much as you can.

Hosting an estate sale is not something anyone does too often in a lifetime, so if you are planning on producing your own there is no reason you should expect to be practiced at it. Rest assured, however, that if you have patience, perseverance, and follow-through that there is a robust amount of money to be made out of conducting an estate sale and it is an effective way to let go of unwanted possessions! —Estate

This won’t be easy if you were close to the one you lost because there will be sentimental attachments to different things. This is just one reason why it’s best to hire someone who is experienced in planning and hosting estate sales. It also provides you with the ability to stay away or at least, at arm’s length so you don’t get emotional. If you believe you can handle it on your own, here are some helpful tips for how to prepare for an estate sale:

  • Go through each and every room thoroughly. Even if you’ve been in the house countless times, chances are excellent you don’t know everything that’s inside. You might discover a pleasant surprise or two or more. But, you should be familiar with everything so you can decide what to sell and what to keep.
  • Try to sell items online before hosting an on-site event. One way to avoid getting over-emotional is to sell as much as possible online. This will not only make the process easier but it will also cut down on the sheer volume. List items on the cheap and you’ll probably experience quick results.
  • Consider hiring an experienced, professional estate liquidator. Although the standard fee is high (generally 30 percent), it’s often worthwhile to bring an experienced and professional estate liquidator into the process. Not only will he or she know how to price and sell items, you will not have to suffer haggling with strangers.
  • Advertise the estate sale far and wide and do so well in advance. It’s best to research which online platforms you can use to promote your estate sale. In addition, do not skimp on signs. Purchase large, bright signs and print the date and address large and legibly. Place these at busy intersections and around the neighborhood.

If you are readying for an estate sale and need junk removal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We are an experienced and professional service provider who goes directly on-site and works diligently for all our customers.

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