DIY Tips to Make Your Home Energy EfficientOur homes are truly remarkable structures, complete with distinctive styling and functionality. With today's technology, homes have many conveniences, including appliances and technology that makes life easy. From smart thermostats to Low E, double pane windows, to the latest in engineered flooring, homes are not only comfortable, but also less maintenance intensive.

However, many homes are older structures and these are notorious for being energy wasters. Every day of the month, practically no matter the time of the year, homes leak and waste energy, and a whole lot of it. That means a drain on the wallet, but the good news is, it's not that difficult, or even expensive, to make your home more energy efficient.

Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

When homeowners want to lower their utility costs, they typically look to the insulation. That's certain a good place to start as the latest insulation material is far more effective at keeping the cold and heat at bay, while helping to trap the heat and air during the winter and summer. Pull out that worn-out, old insulation, then, move onto the windows and doors.

...because hot air rises, most heat lost in a building goes right through the roof. What causes that heat loss? Leaks in attic floors are the culprit, lowering the R-value of attic insulation and draining 30 to 50 percent of a home's heating energy. And while leaks around windows and doors let out far less energy than you probably thought, gaps in forced-air ducts can cut home heating and cooling efficiency 40 percent. -- This Old House

Update your windows to Low E, double pane to allow the sunlight to shine in brightly while keeping the outside elements from driving up your utility bills. In addition, change out your old front wood door and install a new steel, well insulated one. In addition, you can install new weatherstripping wherever it might be in your home. This will not only provide more energy efficiency, it will also keep pests outside.

Here are some more DIY tips on how to make your home energy efficient:

  • Update your kitchen and function appliances. If you have an old refrigerator, range, dishwasher, water heater, and washer and dryer units, it's time for them to go. You can find some great rebates and very low to no-cost financing and you'll save money month after month.
  • Clean the air ducts and insulate your water heater and pipes. Over time, air ducts become quite dirty and less efficient. Clean the air ducts out to have your system work less and stay on less time. Insulation comes into play here again, so, wrap your water heater and pipes to make them last longer and less costly for use.
  • Install a new, digital thermostat. Old analog thermostats are not only out-of-date, but also very inefficient when it comes to maintaining comfort levels inside homes. Digital thermostats are often programmable and are far more accurate.
  • Plant deciduous shade trees near your home. These species provide ample shade, helping to cut down on cooling costs. These ought to be on the southwest side of your home for the maximum performance.

When you put in new insulation, doors, windows, and appliances, schedule a junk hauling service to pickup and take it away to save you time and money. In addition, take advantage of the occasion and throw out items you no longer want or use.

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