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dismantle a floating deckTo dismantle a floating deck, you’ll need to go in reverse of the install. The really goods news about floating deck removal is it is much simpler and less time-consuming than an initial install. You might have to remove a floating deck to get to another amenity to take it out of your yard, like an above ground swimming pool removal. It could also be the case the deck is worn and not worth refurbishing, plagued by rotten wood and teaming with pests. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to have the right steps for how to dismantle a floating deck.

How to Dismantle a Floating Deck

The biggest challenge for uninstalling a floating deck is dealing with the supports underneath. This will be laborious and time-consuming because the support posts are typically anchored into the ground with concrete; just like chain link fence removal, you’ll have to unearth these. Aside from this task of dismantling a floating deck, the rest is relatively easy less labor intensive. Of course, there will likely be a distinct shape on your grass, where it’s probably going to be brown grass left behind.

Most decks are attached to houses, but there’s no reason they have to be. Sometimes the best spot to set up a deck chair and relax is at the other end of the yard, tucked into a shady corner of the garden. And if you don’t attach the deck to the house, you don’t need deep frost footings—which can save hours of backbreaking labor, especially in wooded or rocky areas where footings are difficult to dig. —Family

The best way to remove all signs of the floating deck, is to re-sod the area or you might opt to install a new floating deck or another outdoor amenity. You could put-in a water feature, install a pool, or erect a pergola. The simplest would be to simply aerate the soil and lay new sod or broadcast grass seed to grow new, green grass. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll first need to know how to dismantle a floating deck:

  • Remove the deck boards. The first task for floating deck removal is to take off the deck boards, beginning with the outside perimeter. Use a pry bar, claw hammer, and/or drill-driver to pull off all the deck boards. Put these aside in a pile to avoid tripping over them as you work around the yard.
  • Uninstall the deck joists. The deck joists will be exposed after you remove the deck boards and these will probably be bolted together or could be secured with nails. Disassemble the deck joists, placing them together in a separate pile to keep them out-of-the-way.
  • Take-up the interior blocks. After the deck boards and deck joists are removed, you can pickup all the interior blocks. These might be partially buried but could be resting directly on the ground, depending on the installation.
  • Excavate the deck support posts. To finish the floating deck dismantle, excavate the deck support posts with a spade shovel. Once pulled out of the ground, backfill the holes and tamp down the dirt firmly.

When you have completely dismantled the floating deck, phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. Our crew will come out to cleanup and haul away the debris, which is a great opportunity to empty out your shed or for shed removal.

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