how to convert a guest room into a playroom

If you need to know how to convert a guest room into a playroom, you're probably putting a little used space to good use. You might have to do something with outgrown baby furniture because it's no longer suitable and want a dedicated place for your child or children to play freely. The good news is you can easily incorporate a playroom into a guest room so it serves a dual purpose when needed.

How to Convert a Guest Room into a Playroom

If you want the room to pull double duty, then pick out a daybed, a great piece of furniture for kids to relax and for guests to sleep on when in-town. A sleeper sofa is also a good option, providing the same features. This is a lot like adding a mudroom to a laundry room so you get the maximum use out of the space. But if you just want it to be a playroom only, with a few simple steps, you can convert a guest room into a playroom quickly and easily.

Most homeowners with children would love a playroom, but many layouts don’t provide the space for one. But there is one room that could work double duty: the guest room. Since guest rooms are usually used only for small spurts of time, they’re ideal for taking on extra function. These professional tips will put you well on your way to a space that makes both guests and your kids feel comfortable and at home.

Another consideration is to turn it into a media room that's also a playroom. This is a great option for families with children of different ages so they can watch movies when they are not playing with toys. As you can see, there is a lot of potential for using this space for dual purposes but that's not something exciting or useful for every family. Here are some helpful suggestions for how to convert a guest room into a playroom:

  • Empty the guest room out. The first order of business is to empty the room completely so you can start with a blank slate. A well-known fact in the real estate, staging, and interior design industries is just 1 in 10 people can imagine a space in another way they see it. This will also give you the opportunity to get rid of junk and purge on things you really don't need.
  • Paint the walls and add decor. To make it a more cheerful space, you can paint the room and add complementary decor. Unless you have a dedicated theme, it's best to paint the walls with neutral colors so you don't have to repaint the room before resale.
  • Relocate or cover the furniture. Decide what to do with the furniture that's currently in the guest room. If it's appropriate and usable for a playroom, leave it. But if it clashes, consider covering the furniture to match. However, if the furniture just doesn't work, relocate it to another room or sell or donate it.
  • Bring-in plenty of double duty storage. Every playroom needs a lot of storage but should not be cramped. The solution is to bring-in plenty of double duty storage, with pieces that function as furniture and have storage space.
  • Baby proof the room. If you are converting a guest room into playroom for a baby or toddler, you need to baby proof the room, complete with outlet covers and more. If the room isn't visible from the kitchen or living room, considering getting a video monitor for the playroom.

Once you have all the junk out of the guest room, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away and we’ll come by to pick it up and haul it away. We can also do garage, basement, and attic clean out if you’d like more storage space.

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