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If you need an extra bedroom to accommodate guests, family, or because you want to sell your home and list it with another bedroom, you can gain one without having to go through the time, effort, and serious cost of building a room addition. If you have a den in your home, you can easily convert it into a bedroom over just a couple or few weekends. What's more, unlike a basement clean out and conversion, it's already finished and does not require insulation, drywall, flooring, and climate control.

How to Convert a Den into a Bedroom

In most states in the country, a room must have certain components in order to legally be qualified as a bedroom. Usually, these are a closet and door; and, since a den typically lacks both of these, cannot be counted or described as a bedroom. However, these are two very simple things to install in order to convert a den into a bedroom. Because dens generally have enough space to accommodate a queen or king size bed, you only really need to add a closet and a door.

Decorate your den to serve multiple purposes, such as turning it into an extra bedroom if you're short on sleeping space or a temporary retreat if you have guests coming. Decorate the space with the primary function of the room serving as your guide. For example, privacy will be more important for a semi-permanent bedroom.

That's a short list of improvements to gain an entire bedroom without having to deal with building permits and a big mess to cleanup. Sure, you might want to get rid of the popcorn ceiling, but with just these two easy-to-add components, you can list your home with another bedroom or have a dedicated space for family or guests. Once done, your home will be worth a little more, though you will lose common area space, you will gain a functional bedroom. Here's how to convert a den into a bedroom:

  • Empty the den completely. The first order of business in converting a den into a bedroom is to empty the space out completely. You'll need the room to work and the furniture probably won't be conducive to a bedroom. It will also help to keep your furniture and decor free of dust and debris as you work to transform your den into a bedroom.
  • Frame-in a closet. If you have dead space in a wall separating another room in your home, you can use this as a place to build-in a closet. This will save usable square footage and provide more free space in the room once it's converted. If you don't have any dead space, frame the closet against a wall, out from a corner. Remember, it doesn't have to be large, just enough to provide a little storage and shelving.
  • Finish the closet. After you've built the framing, you can then hang drywall to close-in the closet. When the drywall is hung, you can install shelves or a clothing rack inside. Then, install a door and paint it to match the walls.
  • Install a door. To provide privacy and to make into a bedroom, you'll have to install a door. You can use just about any type, so the room can be closed off. Finally, furnish your new bedroom to complete the conversion.

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