how to add a mudroom to a laundry room

Summer is the perfect time to add a mudroom to a laundry room. You've already taken the time and initiative to convert a closet into a pantry, making better use of the storage space. Now, you're seriously thinking about adding a mudroom to an existing laundry room. Besides, it's a useable space and with just a few extras, it will be a functional mudroom. The best news is the laundry is already equipped with electrical wiring and plumbing, two systems that will make a mudroom all the more useful.

How to Add a Mudroom to a Laundry Room

Another bit of good news is the fact adding mudroom elements to a laundry room is not difficult. Unlike a full bath remodel, you don't need to have a lot of tools and a strong handyman skill set to pull this DIY project off successfully. However, there will be challenges, like finding the right amount of room to house your mudroom necessities. But if you use a little bit of creativity, you'll find ways to make it work without much effort.

Unlike a front entry, seen by all and used by guests, the mudroom is usually a home's secondary entrance. It's one of those rooms that many older homes don't have, and many of us pine for. It's a hard-working space — even the tiniest of mudrooms is helpful for keeping the house clean and organized and the family efficient. --Apartment

Fortunately, no fully working mudroom is without a washing machine and clothes drier so this is an ideal space to put mudroom necessities to give it that much more function. If the laundry is equipped with a deep sink, that's the ultimate in convenience because you'll have a place to wash down dirty boots. Here are the items you'll need to add a mudroom to a laundry room so you get a lot more function and convenience out of the space:

  • Install hooks and racks. Coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, and more need a place to be stored out-of-the-way. Consider what will work best for your own needs and then add hooks and/or install racks. Try to use the smallest racks possible so you don't take up a lot of space. Also, put these in easily accessible locations.
  • Place a small bench in the room. If you don't have the room, then consider buying a small stool. But you'll probably have enough space to put in a small bench so you can sit down to put boots on and take them off. It provides more convenience and will also make the space more homey.
  • Fit a small cubby organizer into the space. A small cubby organizer will be greatly beneficial, providing dedicated and neat spaces to store things such as shoes. It can also hold other regularly used items for doing laundry.
  • Find a place for a boot tray. A boot tray is a must for any mudroom. If you don't have a boot tray, you'll constantly be cleaning up after yourself, family members, and friends tracking in dirt, mud, and sludge.
  • A charging station and message board. Too make life easier, put a charging station and a message board in the space. This will free up kitchen counter space by relocating chargeable electronics to the mud/laundry room. Add a message board to write or post daily events so everyone knows what's going on.

When you're finished adding mudroom elements to a laundry room, you'll still need to deal with the junk you pulled out earlier; so, phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We'll come out to pick up all your junk garbage and haul it all away.

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