estate sale preparationEstate sale preparation is more difficult than most people think. Especially if you're a close relative. This is due to the emotional ties. But, even if you're not related, it's still a lot of work to host an effective estate sale. One aspect that makes it a challenge is that it's not the same as a yard sale. This is different. So, you should know the basics.

Why Host an Estate Sale?

The single biggest reason to host an estate sale is to purge as many things as possible. It's a great way to offload a whole bunch of stuff so you can then stage the house to sell it. After all, if the house will go up for sale, it's worthwhile to cut down on the amount of prep work. Also, you can use the proceeds from the estate sale to stage and help sell the home.

Hosting an estate sale is not something anyone does too often in a lifetime, so if you are planning on producing your own there is no reason you should expect to be practiced at it. Rest assured, however, that if you have patience, perseverance, and follow-through that there is a robust amount of money to be made out of conducting an estate sale and it is an effective way to let go of unwanted possessions! -- Estate

An estate sale is an organized event, usually occurring over the course of three to five days. Some opt to start with a presale, where only a limited number of people attend. Others just open it wide up and host the sale over a couple to three days.

Hayward Estate Sale Preparation Tips You can Use

To get the most out of the event, you should know about estate sale preparation. It's just a way of getting organized and it will greatly benefit your efforts. It's best to have a couple of others help you out. This way, you won't get overwhelmed. Additionally, you'll enjoy some emotional support. Here are some helpful estate sale preparation tips you can use:

  • Go through everything. Leave nothing untouched. You need to go through every item in the house. This way, you can identify what is and what isn't valuable. Plus, you can put sentimental items off to the side. Have someone who isn't attached to the house or the items help you with this so you only sell what's actually in demand.
  • Try to pre-sell some items. Instead of just hosting an on-site estate sale, you can also sell as much as possible online. This way, you've have less to deal with and it's a great way to avoid emotional upset.
  • Be sure to price things to sell. One thing to keep in mind, is your goal is to get rid of as much as possible. You're not out to make a huge amount of money but to declutter. So, price everything cheap to sell it all quickly.
  • Advertise the estate sale in advance. Once you go through the online pre-sale process, if you have a sizeable amount left over, you need to advertise far and wide. The more people you can reach, the better. If there's anything left after the actual estate sale, then donate and give it away. Or, call a junk hauling service.

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