Most homeowners with children would love a playroom, but many layouts don’t provide the space for one. But there is one room that could work double duty: the guest room. Since guest rooms are usually used only for small spurts of time, they’re ideal for taking on extra function. These professional tips will put you well on your way to a space that makes both guests and your kids feel comfortable and at home.

Some of the best uses for guest rooms and playrooms are to cater to parents visiting with small children. In a single space, you can serve up several different functions to make them feel right at home. Of course, you'll need the basics and a few indulgences are also a nice touch.

Guest Room to Playroom Conversion

For the best guest room to playroom conversion, focus on multiple function. A good example is a futon or sofa bed. Another consideration is a Murphy bed. The point being, you want as much as possible to serve more than one purpose. Also, you need to maximize space, where possible. So, here are some tips for a successful guest room to playroom conversion you can use:

  • Empty the guest room. Clear the room of every single item. This will help you to imagine the space in a completely different way than it usually appears. It will also give you the opportunity to explore different layouts.
  • Repaint the walls. A great way to dress up any room is to paint the walls and trim with neutral colors. This allows the space to serve more than one single function. And, it's also a nice way to spruce it up a bit. Then, add complementary decor to give it a more personal touch.
  • Add multifunctional furniture. Your best option is multifunctional furniture. If it serves two or more purposes, it's a great addition to the space. Couches and other furniture that provide different functions are gold mines.
  • Baby-proof the entire room. Of course, if the playroom is for an infant to a toddler, you should take the time to baby-proof the entire room.

When you’re done with the conversion, phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We’ll come out to pick up and haul away any junk for you.
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