guest-playroom conversion guideGuest-playroom conversion is something to really think about, particularly if you’re not staying put for the next three to five years. Although this doesn’t usually require a lot of construction and remodeling work, it does mean changing up a few things. And, those changes might well need undoing in order to sell the house, if that’s a real possibility. But, if not, you can convert a guest room into a playroom without much effort.

Guest Room and Playroom Uses

If you need or want muti-function, you can actually transform it nearly instantaneously from one to another. In other words, make it into a playroom with just a few changes from a guest room. With the right furniture, storage, and amenities, it can serve a dual purpose.

Most homeowners with children would love a playroom, but many layouts don’t provide the space for one. But there is one room that could work double duty: the guest room. Since guest rooms are usually used only for small spurts of time, they’re ideal for taking on extra function. These professional tips will put you well on your way to a space that makes both guests and your kids feel comfortable and at home.

Some of the best uses for guest rooms and playrooms are to cater to parents visiting with small children. In a single space, you can serve up several different functions to make them feel right at home. Of course, you’ll need the basics and a few indulgences are also a nice touch.

Guest-Playroom Conversion Guide for Forestville Homeowners

As you can see, there is a lot of potential for using this space for dual purposes but that’s not something exciting or useful for every family. Here are some helpful suggestions for how to convert a guest room into a playroom:

  • Empty the room. Start by clearing out the room completely. Leave nothing inside so you have a blank slate to work with. (This will also help you to reimagine the space more easily.)
  • Paint the walls and add decor. To make it a more cheerful space, you can paint the room and add complimentary decor. Unless you have a dedicated theme, it’s best to paint the walls with neutral colors so you don’t have to repaint the room before resale.
  • Add multifunctional furniture. Your best option is multifunctional furniture. If it serves two or more purposes, it’s a great addition to the space. Couches and other furniture that provide different functions are gold mines.
  • Baby proof the room. If you are converting a guest room into playroom for a baby or toddler, you need to baby proof the room, complete with outlet covers and more. If the room isn’t visible from the kitchen or living room, considering getting a video monitor for the play room.

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