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lawn equipment disposalLawn equipment disposal is no easy task. In fact, it’s downright difficult. This is because it’s not exactly something that’s in big, popular demand. Also, it’s dangerous because it contains hazardous materials. What’s more, it’s used and it’s old (or at least a not exactly new). After all, there’s not much else that’s as frustrating as to pull that lawn mower, line trimmer, edger, or other lawn tool out only to discover it doesn’t work. You try time and again to start it up only to try in vain. Eventually, you realize it’s not going to turn over but perhaps there’s still hope. If not, you’re now going to need some viable lawn equipment disposal options.

How to Troubleshoot Lawn Equipment

Most common power lawn tools work much the same. You can check the spark plug and replace it, if necessary. Also, it’s a good idea to empty out the fuel and replace it with fresh gas. Remove the air filter and replace it, as well.

When you’re staring at a yard full of grass that desperately needed cutting two weeks ago, the last thing you want is a lawn mower engine that won’t fire up. Most of the time when a lawn mower, snow blower or any small engine won’t start the cause is a problem with the gas or the carburetor. —Family

You should also take the time to check the carburetor. It could be clogged, so fix that. Additionally, check the fuel pump and replace it, if needed. By doing these things, the engine should start. (You can also have the mower blades sharpened if it’s been a while or if this hasn’t been do thus far.)

Glenmont Lawn Equipment Disposal Options

Now, let’s get onto how to deal with old lawn equipment. Here are some helpful lawn equipment disposal options you can try out:

  • Sell it directly. Even if it doesn’t work or runs rough, you can try to sell it yourself. Publish a local, online ad for it and you might find a lawn care business who will take it off your hands. Or, just a private individual who needs it.
  • Consign it. Lawn equipment that still works but has reached its time for replacement might be a good fit with a local repair shop. Small engine repair and resellers are also a possibility.
  • Donate it. If the lawn equipment is in good, usable condition but you just don’t need it or want to upgrade, you can donate it to a local church, school, shelter, or other organization.
  • Junk it. For old lawn equipment that’s no longer in working order, you can simply have a junk hauling service take it away. By opting to go this route, it takes all the lifting and leg work off your hands. And, you can get rid of a bunch of other stuff at the same time.

When you need to junk lawn equipment, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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