cluttered basement cleanoutCluttered basement cleanout. Three words which instantly strike dread into the heart of any homeowner. It's the space in the house where homeowners put things they don't really use but still want to keep. Over time, the amount builds up, until it's a giant clutter. And, the more often (or even infrequently) it's encountered, the more daunting it becomes. After a time, it's too big to sort out. But, at some point, it becomes necessary to clean it up and organize the space.

Cluttered Basement Cleanout Tips

The first thing you need to do to clear out a cluttered basement is to give yourself a little leeway. Don't try to tackle it all at once, particularly if it's overwhelming. Instead, commit to a schedule, over a couple of weekends or more. This way, you won't feel like you've got to do it all at one time.

In the basement, clutter around equipment and machinery is inconvenient when you need service and dangerous if the jumble is flammable. Disorganization makes finding items stored there difficult, sometimes impossible, so what’s the point of holding onto them, anyway? A mess won’t motivate anyone to get busy in the workshop or exercise center. And the whole thing can turn into a swamp of ruined stuff if rainstorm turns into a flood while you’re at work or out to dinner.

Also, don't jump into it and drag out everything at once. If you do, you'll rush to do something with all that stuff. Which means you'll cut corners or even just return it to its former place to more quickly be done with the whole thing.

Garrett Park Junk Removal Tip: Cluttered Basement Organization How-To

To get the basement cleared out, you’ll need a game plan. Enlist the help of a couple of others to make it easier. Also, formulate a plan on how to tackle it so everyone is one the same page. Then, do the following for successful cluttered basement organization:

  1. Access an empty space. Start in a place that's the most easily accessible. This will allow you to move freely and that will prevent discouragement from the get-go.
  2. Donate and sell, then trash what’s left. As you clear out the basement space, place things into one of three categories: things to keep, stuff to sell or donate, and junk to throw out. (Try to use the latter two categories the most so you purge as much as possible.)
  3. Organize what you are keeping in the space. Get rid of the stuff to sell and donate first and then move onto the junk to throw out. This way, you'll have less to organize in the basement.

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