garage apartment conversionGarage apartment conversion. Three words that essentially spell out a lot of time, effort, and money. But, if you’re toying with the idea, you’re probably looking into how it will play out for the short and long-term. That’s great because it will have a huge impact on your home’s value and its resellability. Basically, making such a large change will indeed alter its function, aesthetics, and its overall market value. Read on to learn more garage apartment conversion.

Remodeling Considerations

Okay, so let’s start with the idea of a garage apartment conversion and what it means for the house itself. Firstly, be advised (read: warned) that when you convert any room in a house for another purpose other than its original function, you greatly risk devaluing the whole house. Think about it this way, if you do go through with a garage apartment conversion, you’re losing that parking and storage space.

If you’re looking for a way to enlarge your home without shelling out for a full-scale addition, converting your garage into living space typically adds about 600 square feet (assuming it’s a two-car garage). The good news is that you’ll spend less than if you build an addition. The bad news is that your car may suffer, and your neighbors may not be fond of the idea. --House Logic

Now, why you might well be able to make that compromise work, it does impact the resale potential and market value of the house. Sure, you’re gaining more living space. But, you’re also sacrificing one of the biggest amenities. Outside of that, you’re adding more livable square footage, which means higher property taxes. And, it likewise means higher utility bills.

Garage Apartment Conversion in Germantown

When you have the garage cleared out, you can then move on with your garage apartment conversion. Here are some very helpful tips about converting a garage into livable space to gain more room in your home:

  • Remove and build over the door. You’ll either have to remove or cover-up the garage door. It’s best to outright remove it and then fill in the space to accommodate another front entry door. Additionally, you’ll need to install new windows to provide natural life.
  • Level, then finish the floor. Next, you’ll need to level and finish the garage floor. This is due the fact that garage floors are built purposely with a slight grade (either to the outside or to the center). So, the floor isn’t level and that’s a necessary change to make it into a living space.
  • Add plumbing and electrical wiring. You’ll need to have a licensed plumber and electrician run new water and drain lines, as well as electrical wiring for switches, outlets, and lighting. Install a small shower to save space and be sure the main electrical panel and system can handle the extra appliance and heating and cooling loads.
  • Insulate and drywall to finish the build-out. Last, you’ll need to insulate the space and drywall it to really transform it. Thereafter, you can furnish it to complete the transformation.

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