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futon sleeper couch disposalAn old futon sleeper couch disposal job can be a pain to deal with, particularly if it’s no longer in useable condition. When you bought it, you did so to meet a need. But now, it’s just taking up space and you don’t use it or only use it rarely. Unlike dealing with antique furniture, which has intrinsic value, an old futon sofa won’t bring a lot of money. This doesn’t mean you can’t be rid of it. It just means you might have to choose another option. Fortunately, there are things to do with an old futon sofa.

Futon Sleeper Couch Disposal Challenges

Whether you’re converting a guest room into a playroom or just want to replace the furniture piece, you’ll quickly discover there’s not much call for an old sleeper couch of nearly any kind.

Don’t old [futons] seem to end up in the most random places? I’ve seen sofas on streets, on lawns, in abandoned parking lots, and on several roofs. Like other large upholstered furniture pieces, figuring out what to do with an old or worn-out sofa can be a challenge. In some cities, leaving it on the street means it’ll be gone in minutes. But not all of us are this lucky, and leaving it on the street could end in a citation, or with the sofa in the dump. —

At the very least, it’s not a hot item that people are clamoring for daily. That narrows your choices but it does mean you’ll pay hefty dump fees.

Futon Sleeper Couch Disposal Options in Towson and Beyond

Most people wait years to replace their furniture. And, because of the long time period, it’s not unusual for it to be totally out of style. So, it’s not exactly a cinch to get rid of it. Here are some helpful futon sleeper couch disposal options you can try:

  • Donate it. There are plenty of charities which would likely welcome such a donation. So, donate it to a church, or a shelter, perhaps a school, or even a trade school. Think about a few places which might need it.
  • Sell it. Of course, you can always sell it, if it’s in good enough condition. Even if it has a few stains, those can usually be taken out. If it functions, put an ad online and price it to sell so you can be rid of it quickly.
  • Give it away. Also, there’s always the option to simply give it away. Tell people at work about it, put it on social media, and just generally advertise it for free. Another option is to contact a few property management services to give it away.
  • Reuse it. Just because you no longer want it in one space doesn’t mean you can’t use it in another. Think about putting it in another room so you can continue to use it and this will save you the hassle of getting rid of it.

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