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total kitchen gut preparationTotal kitchen gut preparation isn’t just a cursory planning session. It’s literally the key to getting the right results. When you plan a total kitchen demolition, you’re reading your life for an extended change (albeit temporary). It can easily take weeks to complete an entire kitchen remodel. And, a good chunk of that time will be highly disruptive. So, you need to be completely prepared. Otherwise, it will only add to the stress and anxiety of not having your normal, day-to-day convenience.

Kitchen Gut Debris Disposal

Before you start pulling out appliances and breaking down walls and tearing out cabinets, you’ll first have to formulate a plan with what to do with all that debris. Make no mistake about it, this type of renovation will generate a huge amount of debris. This means you’ll need to get rid of it as quickly as possible to free up space and avoid tripping hazards and other risks.

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Now what? Not knowing where to start, many homeowners fall into two camps. Some start by looking at appliances. Others start by collecting inspiring kitchen photos. Some decide they need more room. Others simply want to upgrade their current kitchen. Homeowners may find themselves in this exploration stage for a year or longer before they start interviewing kitchen designers or general contractors. —

What’s more, you can’t just throw that material out onto the curb. It’s not a candidate for the local trash collection agency because of its size and contents. So, you need to schedule remodeling debris disposal in advance. This way, it’s taken care of for you, making the process a little less work-intense.

Friendship Village Total Kitchen Gut Preparation Tips

When you’re ready to go through with a kitchen makeover, you’ll have to gut the space first. Although demolition is much less complex than construction, that does not mean you can start without a plan. So, here are a few kitchen gut preparation tips you can use:

  • Relocate the appliances. The appliances need to be moved out of their spaces to make room for the work ahead (which makes total sense). But, this also means you’ll have to relocate them for continued use. Consider putting them on a porch or in the garage temporarily to have access when needed.
  • Prevent dust and debris from spreading. Next, you’ll need to hang plastic, put down drop cloths, and more to keep the dust and debris from getting into the rest of the house.
  • Purchase plenty of disposable goods and non-perishables. Since the kitchen won’t be usable, you’ll need a whole heap of plasticware and non-perishables for the days ahead.
  • Purge big time. Take this opportunity to purge anything and everything you can to free up even more space. Don’t hold back because you’ll enjoy the results.

When you’re ready to start your kitchen gut job, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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