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junk removal service benefitsJunk removal service benefits. A phrase that can be a bit confusing but encouraging. Although, it’s not fun. It’s not easy. And, it’s very time consuming. Nevertheless, it’s got to get done, somehow, some way. But, wait! How about renting a dumpster. That will at least take a big chunk of the work out of the equation. Or, will it? Let’s take a quick look at the difference between a junk removal service and dumpster rental.

What to Know about Dumpster Rentals

People think that by renting a dumpster for their property clean outs, they’re going with the best option. But, often this just isn’t the case. For instance, let’s begin with size. Now, that’s important because you need to fit all that junk inside the container. Which means, if you order the wrong size, it will cost you more money. If it’s too small, you’ll need to rent it again.

Few homeowners are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to haul the waste off to the proper facilities on their own. It requires a large, weight-bearing vehicle that — that they need to fill and empty several times — the fuel for multiple trips to the correct disposal facilities, and in some cases the permits to drop off waste at those facilities. —Angie’s

Or, if it’s too large, you’ve paid for wasted space. Then, there’s the matter of the work itself — which is entirely up to you. It’s you who must fill the container. And, you can’t put anything and everything in a rented dumpster. That’s because these companies prohibit a whole lot of items. Last but not least, a dumpster can easily be a serious obstacle for parking and more.

Frederick Junk Removal Service Benefits

Now, we’ll take a look at the biggest property cleanout service advantages. Unlike renting a dumpster, which comes with a number of significant drawbacks. Here are the top junk removal service benefits:

  • No heavy lifting. If you rent a dumpster, it’s you who must do all the work. You have to fill it up and also do so in a way that keeps it balanced. So, you’re left with a great deal of time and effort.
  • Avoid the sorting. Another thing that comes into play is the fact that there are a number of prohibited items which you can’t toss into a dumpster. Which means, you’ve got to sort everything out.
  • Get an upfront price. Hiring a property cleanout service means getting an upfront estimate. This gives you a price before the work begins. Conversely, a dumpster rental might come at a fixed rate, but as stated above, it all depends on ordering the right size.
  • Sidestep inconveniences. Keep this in mind, wherever that container is dropped is where it stays until pick up time. Which means it can easily be an inconvenience.

If you need a reliable property clean out service, just phone 888-537-7445 or visit Haul Junk Away.

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