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fall home cleaningIt’s time for a fall home cleaning, preparing for the winter ahead and getting things in-order, including organizing the under the stairs closet space. Much like a traditional spring cleaning, now is the season to get ready and with the pleasant cooler weather, it’s the perfect time. So, be ready to set up and light the bonfire to roast some marshmallows but before you begin to relax, go through your yearly fall home cleaning.

Fall Home Cleaning Tips

Start with washing the windows — that’s every single one. As you’re washing the window panes, take the time to clean the window treatments. While you’re at it, clean all the light fixtures and ceiling fans in your house. If the appliances are looking worn, consider reviving old kitchen appliances or upgrading to newer, energy-efficient ones. Plan to have the carpets cleaned, as well as any area rugs. (Do this after the other fall cleaning chores are completed.)

When the days start getting shorter and your thoughts turn to sitting around the fireplace instead of standing around the outdoor grill, it’s time to invest a weekend on fall cleaning. Spring isn’t the only time of year it pays to clean, organize and take stock of your home environment and accumulated stuff. Autumn is a perfect opportunity to stash that summer sports gear and other assorted toys, and start figuring out where you tossed the umbrellas, driving gloves and snow shovels last spring. —How Stuff

While you’re going through your house, it’s a good time to purge all the junk and get the mudroom organized. The basement and attic should also be on your list (at least, these make the list below). Take advantage of your urge to purge and clean out the medicine cabinets. Throw away old prescription medicine as well as expired over-the-counter medicines. Clean out the refrigerator and freezer. Then, it’s time to do the dirty fall home cleaning:

  • Vents, coils, filters. The dryer vents are a common fire household fire hazard and even if you keep the lint trap clean, the vents still accumulate debris. That’s dangerous and a completely unnecessary risk. Take the time to clean the dryer vents properly so they are no longer a fire hazard. Replace the air filters, and clean the refrigerator coils.
  • Sweep the chimney. Your wood burning fireplace or stove is also a fire hazard (not that you didn’t know that). So, it’s time to stop procrastinating and clean sweep the flues and chimneys. It’s a good idea to leave this to a professional service so they can inspect it and alert you to any existing or potential problems.
  • Clean out the attic. Oh, that dusty, clutter attic, at least it’s out of sight, out of mind. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and now is a great time to clean out the attic. After all, you’ve thought about transforming it into a great storage space or perhaps, useable square footage.
  • Organize the basement. Don’t stop with the attic clean out, go forward with a total basement clean out, also. Just like the attic, while you’re cleaning and organizing the basement, serious consider acting on your want to transform it into livable square footage.

Rake leaves in the yard and pick up around your property. But, before you begin your fall home cleaning spree, phone us at 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. We’ll schedule a time to come out to you and haul junk so you don’t have to do it all on your own.

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