kitchen soffit removalYou'll find DIY kitchen soffit removal steps to be simple to follow but don't be fooled into thinking it's an easy part of a home improvement project. Make no mistake about it, a kitchen soffit demolition takes a substantial amount of elbow grease and it's going to produce a whole lot of debris. While it isn't difficult to do a kitchen soffit take down, it does take a good amount of time and effort. But, it's all worthwhile in the end because your kitchen will look much better as a result.

DIY Kitchen Soffit Removal Steps

Any project, big or small, should start with home improvement safety measures to help avoid accidents. Before you even haul out the tools, be sure that you have a workable plan for how to proceed. You'll quickly discover a problematic situation if you aren't fully prepared. Unfortunately, too many homeowners make the mistake of not having a realistic plan and the result isn't enviable at all. Also, be prepared to find surprises. After all, you don't know what's inside that soffit.

Soffits are typically installed just above the kitchen cabinets, bridging the gap between the cabinets and the ceiling above them. Constructed of lumber and drywall, these exposed boxes have fallen out of favor in recent years as trends moved toward extending the cabinets right to the ceiling to provide more storage space and make the kitchen look taller. If you plan to remove your soffit, be aware of some of the problems and surprises that may arise from this undertaking. --San Francisco Gate

If you're totally remodeling the whole space, save the kitchen countertop removal for a later time. This way, you'll have a bit more room to work and other platform on which to stand or to place tools temporarily. It's also a good idea to partition off the area to limit debris from migrating into other parts of the house. Be sure to cover the floor with drop cloths and hang plastic in entryways to attempt to contain the dust. Then, you can follow these helpful DIY kitchen steps:

  • Turn off the power. Some kitchen soffits contain electrical wiring and serve as a great concealment. But this presents a really big safety hazard. Go to the main electrical panel and find the breaker powering the wiring inside the soffit. Turn it off and use a meter to ensure the power is no longer flowing.
  • Take a quick peak inside. Next, you can start to remove the kitchen soffit but before you start hammering or sawing away, be sure to take a quick look inside. Cut out or hammer out a small hole, then use a flashlight to look inside. You're looking for unexpected things, like pests or anything out of the ordinary.
  • Begin to tear down the soffit. Once you know what's inside, it's time to tear down the soffit. Use a reciprocating saw to remove the drywall or other material to fully expose the entire frame. Throw the debris into one pile to mitigate tripping hazards and have more room to work.
  • Remove all the soffit framing. Lastly, you'll take the soffit framing down using a drill-driver and pry bar. Once the kitchen soffit frame is completely removed from the wall and ceiling, you can add more cabinets or patch the area to blend.

Before you start your kitchen soffit removal, be sure to phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away to schedule construction and remodeling debris removal so you don’t have to break away from your home improvement project.

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