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DIY gazebo removal

DIY gazebo removal isn’t necessarily difficult but it is quite laborious and time-consuming. Like removing an above ground swimming pool from a property, it’s going to take time and more than one set of hands. It’s a good idea to start by clearing the area immediately surrounding the gazebo so you have plenty of room to work and not have tripping and other hazards around you. If the materials gazebo are salvageable, consider repurposing them for another use. For instance, there might be enough wood to build a bench or table. Read on for more DIY gazebo removal tips and steps.

DIY Gazebo Removal

Very similar to a total shed take-down, where the entire structure is disassembled, you should have a couple to a few steps of helping hands to make it quicker and less dangerous. The first order of business is to identify any obstacles or problems. For example, it could be near a pond or pool, which means you’ll have to take it down in away from the water. Also, if there are electrical lines or other utility lines nearby the roof, call the local utilities provider before you start the demolition.

There may come a time when the condition of your gazebo is such that the best thing to do is to remove it and replace it with something else. Gazebo demolition can be performed by anyone with light to moderate construction experience, and it can usually be accomplished in a single afternoon. —Do It

In addition, before you begin, make sure the area is secure, meaning that children and pets won’t be there. Parts of the gazebo will be heavy and unwieldy, which can cause serious bodily injury. Something else to consider is what you’ll do with the empty, damaged space underneath. Suddenly, an eyesore will be visible as there will be a big brown patch of grass to deal with after removing the gazebo from your property. You can aerate the soil and lay new sod or put in another feature. Here’s the steps for simple DIY gazebo removal:

  • Remove everything inside. The benches, chairs, and tables inside the gazebo must be removed, as does anything else that’s standing or hanging which isn’t part of the original structure. These include wind chimes, hooks for hanging plants, and other items.
  • Take the trim off the gazebo. Remove all the trim from the gazebo using a pry bar and/or claw hammer. This can be reused, if you wish or the trim could be thrown-out, if it’s not in usable condition. As you remove the trim, place it in a pile out-of-the-way.
  • Remove the gazebo roof. The next step is to take the roof off the gazebo. Like the trim, the roof material might be salvageable and be repurposed for something else. To remove the gazebo roof, separate the rafters from the walls, one at a time and do so with caution.
  • Take down the walls. After the roof is removed from the structure, you can tear down the walls. Here again, the materials can be reused for another purpose, if it’s in good condition. If it isn’t worth saving, put it into a pile to dispose later.
  • Dismantle the base. Last, you’ll have to dismantle the base. Use a reciprocating saw to dismantle the base of the structure. If you don’t have a reciprocating saw, use a pry bar to pry the base materials apart to finish.

When you’ve taken down the gazebo, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Haul Junk Away. Our crew will come by and pick up the materials and dispose of them for you. What’s more, we can help with other things on your to-do list so you don’t have to do them on your own.

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