closet-pantry conversionA closet-pantry conversion can make better use of storage space, in some instances. For homes needing this type of function but having little options to make it a reality, a closet-pantry conversion is the right answer. The key is to do it right so it seamlessly blends in with the rest of the surrounding space. Plus, it's got to deliver big time on function or it will end up a waste of time.

Closet-Pantry Conversion Benefits

The goal is to have an empty space to work with so you can easily convert the closet to a pantry to store non-perishables, cookware, and more. So, you’ll need to relocate whatever is stored in the closet space, storing it in another closet, attic, or basement. This is a good time to declutter and jettison items you don’t use or no longer want to keep in your home.

A family’s kitchen had a broom closet that was converted to a food pantry. Not a bad idea, but, because the shelves were extremely deep, finding and retrieving items from the rear became difficult, if not impossible. The solution is to build a simple box cabinet that slips inside the existing closet. The interior of the cabinet is fitted with standard full-extension drawer glides to which shelving modules are attached. When the shelving units are pulled out, they allow the contents to be fully visible from both sides and from the front to the back … converting the entire interior into convenient, accessible storage. --Ron

The benefits of a closet-pantry conversion is having a place to store key items in a nearby space for the kitchen. It makes sense if you already have enough closet space elsewhere. Particularly if you need extra storage space for the kitchen and there’s no dedicated pantry.

DIY Closet-Pantry Conversion Guide for Bowie Property Owners

When it comes to doing a closet-pantry conversion, you've got to let go the conception of the storage space for its original intent. In other words, envision a pantry, not a closet. Here's a helpful closet-pantry conversion guide you can use:

  • Remove the hardware fixtures. Remove any rods, rails, shelves and any other hardware fixtures from inside the closet.
  • Strategically install lighting. Next, you'll need to install lighting to make it more visible. Just a few well-placed lights will make all the difference in the world.
  • Put in plenty of shelving . Follow the lighting installation with some shelves to transform it into a pantry space. Use a system that allows for height customization for best results.
  • Hang a new door. To finish, you'll need the right door. Choose a door that goes well with the decor and one that's easy for retrieving stuff.
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