dishwasher removal guideA dishwasher removal guide is a great resource to have at-hand when it’s time for a replacement. Under the counter or built-in dishwasher units make life a bit easier but certainly don’t last forever. When a dishwasher begins to fail, it might leak, not heat water, or cut off during normal cycles. Once it’s determined the appliance is on its last leg, you’ll have to pull it out, which isn’t a difficult task, but will take some time. These appliances are bulky and you’ll likely find that behind it and underneath have collected a lot of dust and debris.

What to Know about Dishwasher Removal

This do it yourself project doesn’t take very long and is not a difficult task. But, like with many other types of appliances, it’s knowing what to do when which is most important. In other words, you’ve got to uninstall it in the reverse order of the way it was installed (for the most part) so it goes smoothly. If you see future potential out of it, then you can always revive old appliances, and a dishwasher is no different.

Removing an undercounter dishwasher and replacing it will take an experienced installer less than an hour. You probably won’t manage the job that quickly, but it is a relatively simple procedure, especially because the plumbing and electrical hookups are already in place. And by doing the work yourself, you can save the $100 or more a retailer will charge, or step up to a model with more features. --This Old House

Unless you are planning a total kitchen gut for a complete remodel, this will be a quick and simple job. Of course, you’ll need a replacement to put in its place right away. It’s also a chance to do some cleaning in the space where it usually isn’t accessible. Before you pull your old built-in dishwasher out, be sure the replacement will fit nicely into the space.

Dishwasher Removal Guide for Bowie Property Owners

Now, let’s get onto the dishwasher removal guide. You’ll need a drill-driver, gloves, pry bar, cart or hand truck, bucket, towels, and wrench. Then, do the following:

  • Empty the cabinet under the kitchen sink. The first thing you must do to remove an old dishwasher is to empty the cabinet space under the kitchen sink. You’ll need room to work and the more space you can free up, the better.
  • Turn off the water and power supplies. Once the kitchen cabinet and dishwasher are empty, you can then go to the house’s main electrical panel and shut off the breaker supplying power to the appliance. Additionally, you’ll need to shut off the water supply.
  • Carefully disconnect the drain line connected to the appliance. Get a few towels and a bucket before you jump into disconnecting the drain line to the dishwasher. You’ll use these to catch the water in the drain line. Carefully disconnect the drain line and then you can pull the appliance out from under the counter.

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